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TGD and Fringe Physics?

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The reader who has visited my page earlier perhaps wonders the fate of the earlier four online books about TGD. Nothing tragic is involved. I only realized that the average length of these books is around 2000 pages even taking into account the redundancy. The only thing I could do was to chop my dear friends into pieces by narrowing sharply the topic of what I decide to call book. Hence the two books about TGD proper split to seven and two books about TGD inspired theory of consciousness replicated to eight. There are not yet any new contributions to this book. I have kept the old version of the page, one of the reasons being that it contains "What's new?" histories over about four years telling about the vigorous development of TGD during these years.

Year 2019

Tesla still inspires (18.2.2019)

Year 2018

Is time reversal involved with Pollack effect? (22.2.2018)

Year 2016

Hydrinos again (18.11.2016)

The anomalies in rotating magnetic systems as a key to the understanding of morphogenesis? (18.11.2016)

The "impossible" EM drive (6.9.2016)

Confirmation of Santilli's detection of antimatter galaxies via a telescope with concave lenses: really? (2.5.2016)

TGD and Teslaphoresis (27.4.2016)

Year 2015

Tewari machine two decades later (19. 12. 2015)

The maintenance problem for Earth's magnetic field (4. 2. 2015)

Could Podkletnov effect be understood using heff= heff hypothesis? (2. 1. 2015)

Year 2013

About Concrete Realization of Remote Metabolism (4.7.2013)

Year 2007

Fractional Quantum Hall effect in TGD framework (1.10.2007)

TGD based vision about new energy technology (22.9.2007)

Allais effect as evidence for large values of gravitational Planck constant? (25.8.2007)

Allais effect and TGD (30.7.2007)

Year 2006

q-Laguerre polynomials and fractionized principal quantum number for hydrogen atom (20.09.2006)

Progress in the understanding of rotating magnetic systems (25.7.2006)

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