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The reader who has visited my page earlier perhaps wonders the fate of the earlier four online books about TGD. Nothing tragic is involved. I only realized that the average length of these books is around 2000 pages even taking into account the redundancy. The only thing I could do was to chop my dear friends into pieces by narrowing sharply the topic of what I decide to call book. Hence the two books about TGD proper split to seven and two books about TGD inspired theory of consciousness replicated to eight. There are not yet any new contributions to this particular book. I have kept the old version of the page, one of the reasons being that it contains "What's new?" histories over about four years telling about the vigorous development of TGD during these years.

Year 2018

What the view about magnetic body could mean at the level of DNA and other basic bio-molecules? (22.11.2018)

Increase of the dimension of extension of rationals as the emergence of a reflective level of consciousness? (15.10.2018)

New support for the view about Cambrian explosion being caused by rapid increase of Earth radius (30.6.2018)

Improved reckless speculation about higher level variants of dark genetic code (29.6.2018)

About dark variants of DNA, RNA, and amino-acids (26.6.2018)

About Comorosan effect in the clustering of RNA II polymerase proteins (26.6.2018)

Why do RNA polymerase molecules cluster? (26.6.2018)

Expanding Earth hypothesis, Platonic solids, and plate tectonics as a symplectic flow (17.6.2018)

Did RNA replicate in codon-wise manner during RNA era? (3.6.2018)

Homonymy of the genetic code from TGD point of view (3.5.2018)

About the Correspondence of Dark Nuclear Genetic Code and Ordinary Genetic Code (20.1.2018)

Year 2017

Potential "missing link" in chemistry that led to life on Earth discovered (20.11.2017)

From RNA world to RNA-tRNA world to RNA-DNA-tRNA world to DNA-RNA-protein world: how it went? (21.9.2017)

Retrocausality and TGD (12.7.2017)

Two steps towards understanding of the origins of life (25.4.2017)

Is conscious experience without definite causal order possible? (2.4.2017)

Quantum computations without definite causal structure: TGD view (30.3.2017)

Viruses as fragments of topological quantum computer code? (12.3.2017)

How Was Ancient Mars Warm Enough for Liquid Water? (8.1.2017)

Year 2016

Combinatorial Hierarchy: two decades later (17.8.2016)

Comparing TGD view about quantum biology with McFadden's views (25.6.2016)

Is bio-catalysis a shadow of dark bio-catalysis based on generalization of genetic code? (22.6.2016)

Are sound-like bubbles whizzing around in DNA are essential to life? (22.6.2016)

Could dark DNA, RNA, tRNA and amino-acids correspond to different charge states of codons? (20.6.2016)

About physical representations of genetic code in terms of dark nuclear strings (18.6.2016)

Could the replication of mirror DNA teach something about chiral selection? (20.5. 2016).

One step further in the understanding the origins of life (17.5. 2016).

RNA is transferred between soma cells and germ cells(26.1. 2016)

E8 symmetry, harmony, and genetic code(17.1. 2016)

Magnetic body, bio-harmonies and epigenetics(8.1. 2016)

Year 2015

Jeremy England's vision about life and evolution: comparison with TGD approach (22.10.2015)

Jeremy England's vision about life (22.10.2015)

About evolution before Cambrian explosion (10.10.2015)

Direct evidence for dark DNA?! (5.10.2015)

Connection between biology, dark nuclear physics, and nuclear physics? (13.8.2015)

More Precise TGD View about Quantum Biology and Prebiotic Evolution (4.8.2015)

New horizons about Pluto (23.7.2015)

Direct evidence for dark DNA?! (23.7.2015)

Ribosome as the first self-replicator? (11.1.2015)

Could Podkletnov effect be understood using heff= heff hypothesis? (10.1.2015)

Year 2014

TGD inspired model for the formation of exclusion zones from coherence regions (26.12.2014)

How bio-polymers were associated with their dark counterparts? (12.12.2014)

Where did the oceans come from? (7.12.2014).

Harmony, music, and religious myths(18.11.2014).

Genes, music and icosahedron (and tetrahedron too!)(13.11.2014).

Geometric theory of harmony(29.10.2014).

More precise view about remote DNA replication (2.9.2014)

Quantum gravity, dark matter, and prebiotic evolution (14.6.2014)

Year 2013

Negentropic entanglement, NMP, braiding and TQC(30.12.2013).

Great Unconformity as a new piece of support for Expanding Earth model(21.6.2013).

Could one find a geometric realization for genetic and memetic codes?(30.3.2013).

Year 2012

Constraints on the fermionic realization of genetic code from the model for color qualia(27.4.2012).

How to build a quantum computer from magnetic flux tubes (8.4.2012)

Year 2011

Another approach to protocell (14.5.2011)

Oil droplets as a primitive life form (12.5.2011)

The revolution taking place in genetics (2.1.2011)

Year 2010

Model for the Findings about Hologram Generating Properties of DNA (20.12.2010)

Could high energy phosphate bond be negentropic bond with negative binding energy? (19.2.2010)

Year 2009

Expanding Earth Model and Pre-Cambrian Evolution of Continents, Climate, and Life (3.12.2009)

Three new physics realizations of the genetic code and the role of dark matter in bio-systems (25.8.2009)

Year 2008

Crying and screaming cells and magnetic bodies expressing their emotions (9.10.2008).

Dark nuclear strings as analogs of DNA and amino-acid sequences and baryonic realization of genetic code (3.9.2008).

Could virtual DNAs allow a controlled development of the genome? (27.8.2008).

A possible realization of water memory? (27.8.2008).

Phantom DNA effect(27.8.2008)

Has dark matter at the magnetic flux tubes been photographed? (25.5.2008)

A Model for Protein Folding and Bio-catalysis (29.4.2008)

TGD based model for the evolution of genetic code: VI (3.4.2008)

TGD based model for the evolution of genetic code: V (29.3.2008)

TGD based model for the evolution of genetic code: IV (25.3.2008)

TGD based model for the evolution of genetic code: III (22.3.2008)

TGD based model for the evolution of genetic code: II (20.3.2008)

TGD based model for the evolution of genetic code: I (19.3.2008)

DNA as topological quantum computer: XIII (12.3.2008)

DNA as topological quantum computer and ageing (28.2.2008)

On direct testing of quantum consciousness (23.2.2008)

DNA as topological quantum computer: XII (21.2.2008)

Summary of possible symmetries of DNA suggested by the model of topological quantum computation (30.1.2008)

Transposons and anomalous em charge? (29.1.2008)

What selected the bio-molecules? (29.1.2008)

Structure and function of tRNA in braid picture (27.1.2008)

Programming of bio-molecular self assembly pathways from TGD point of view (27.1.2008)

DNA as topological quantum computer: XI (11.1.2008)

About the arrow of psychological time and notion of self: once again! (7.1.2008)

DNA as a topological quantum computer: X (6.1.2008)

Year 2007

DNA as a topological quantum computer: IX (27.12.2007)

DNA as a topological quantum computer: VIII (26.12.2007)

DNA as a topological quantum computer: VIII (26.12.2007)

DNA as a topological quantum computer: VII (18.12.2007)

DNA as a topological quantum computer: VI (17.12.2007)

DNA as a topological quantum computer: V (13.12.2007)

DNA as a topological quantum computer: IV (11.12.2007)

DNA as a topological quantum computer: III (9.12.2007)

DNA as a topological quantum computer: II (1.12.2007)

Quantum version of Expanding Earth theory (6.11.2007)

DNA as a topological quantum computer: I (1.11.2007)

Intronic portions of genome code for RNA: for what purpose? (16.6.2007)

Unification of Four Approaches to the Genetic Code (1.2.2007).

Year 2006

Universal mechanism of catalytic action and stability of charged polymers (22.1.2006).

A more precise definition of N-atom and dark matter as a matter in wrong place (22.1.2006).

Are spontaneous decay and completion of dark N-hydrogen atoms behind DNA replication and lock and key mechanism? (11.1.2006).

What inherently dark atoms could be? (11.1.2006).

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