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PART I: Bio-Systems as Conscious Holograms || Macro-temporal Quantum Coherence and Spin Glass Degeneracy|| Bio-Systems as Conscious Holograms||General Theory of Qualia||
PART II: Water Memory and Metabolism ||Homeopathy in Many-Sheeted Space-time||Could cancer be a disease of magnetic body?||Macroscopic Quantum Coherence and Quantum Metabolism as Different Sides of the Same Coin: Part I|| Macroscopic Quantum Coherence and Quantum Metabolism as Different Sides of the Same Coin: Part II|| About Concrete Realization of Remote Metabolism||



  1. Basic ideas of TGD

    1. TGD as a Poincare invariant theory of gravitation

    2. TGD as a generalization of the hadronic string model

    3. Fusion of the two approaches via a generalization of the space-time concept

  2. The five threads in the development of quantum TGD

    1. Quantum TGD as configuration space spinor geometry

    2. p-Adic TGD

    3. TGD as a generalization of physics to a theory of consciousness

    4. TGD as a generalized number theory

    5. Dynamical quantized Planck constant and dark matter hierarchy

  3. Bird's eye of view about the contents of the book

  4. The contents of the book

    1. PART I: Universe as a Conscious Hologram

    2. PART II: Homeopathy and Metabolism


Home Abstract

    Macro-Temporal Quantum Coherence and Spin Glass Degeneracy

  1. Introduction

    1. Macro-temporal quantum coherence is suggested by quantum classical correspondence

    2. Macro-temporal quantum coherence from spin glass degeneracy?

    3. Dynamical Planck constant and dark matter hierarchy

    4. Implications of macrotemporal quantum coherence

  2. Background

    1. The notions of quantum jump and self

    2. Many-sheeted space-time, topological field quantization, and spin glass degeneracy

  3. Macro-temporal coherence from spin glass degeneracy

    1. What quantum coherence means in TGD Universe?

    2. Spin glass degeneracy and classical gravitation stabilize irreducible bound state entanglement

  4. Macro-temporal quantum coherence and dynamical hbar

    1. Quantization of planetary orbits with a gigantic value of Planck constant and dark matter as a macroscopic quantum phase

    2. Criterion for the occurrence of a phase transition changing Planck constant

    3. Hierarchy of Planck constants and physics as a generalized number theory

    4. The interpretation of the phase transition hbar→ λhbar at configuration space level

    5. Large value of Planck constant implies macroscopic and macrotemporal quantum coherence

    6. Are the two explanations for the macro-temporal quantum coherence consistent?

  5. Basic implications

    1. Thermodynamic aspects

    2. Energetic aspects

    3. Information theoretic aspects

  6. Macro-temporal quantum coherence, consciousness, and biology

    1. Macro-temporal quantum coherence and states of 'one-ness'

    2. Macro-temporal quantum coherence and biology

    3. Macro-temporal quantum coherence and long term memory

  7. Co-operation and competition as different aspects of quantum consciousness

    1. Breaking of super-conductivity, metabolism, and homeostasis

    2. Combining macro-temporal quantum coherence and dissipation

    3. Healing by time reversal

Home Abstract

    Bio-Systems as Conscious Holograms

  1. Introduction

    1. The notion of conscious hologram

    2. Time mirror mechanism

    3. Bio-photons

    4. The work of William Tiller

  2. Conscious hologram

    1. What are the basic properties of conscious hologram?

    2. Stereo-consciousness and the notion of conscious hologram

    3. Questions

    4. Self-referentiality and space-time topology

    5. Comparison of Maxwellian and TGD views about classical gauge fields

  3. Phase conjugation, negative energy topological light rays, and time mirror mechanism

    1. Do negative energy space-time sheets have counterparts in quantum field theory?

    2. Is the TGD view about phase conjugate waves consistent with the existent wisdom?

  4. Bio-photons

    1. What bio-photons are?

    2. Some phenomena related to bio-photons

    3. General TGD based model for bio-photons

    4. The interpretation of biophotons and EEG as decay products of dark Josephson radiation

    5. TGD based model for delayed luminescence

    6. Kirlian effect

  5. Bio-photons, radio waves and genetic regulation

    1. Frequency spectrum of radio waves

    2. Basic questions

    3. How to understand the spectrum?

    4. Many-sheeted radio wave laser excited by laser light

    5. Is the radio wave spectrum for wheat seed scaled-up version of EEG spectrum?

  6. Conscious hologram and remote mental interactions

    1. Big vision

    2. Sketch for what happens in a typical remote viewing experiment

    3. Why it is so difficult to take remote mental interactions seriously?

    4. About the physiological correlates of anomalous cognition

    5. Local sidereal time, geomagnetic fluctuations, and remote mental interactions

    6. DelaWarr camera

  7. The experimental work of William Tiller about intentional imprinting of electronic devices

    1. Experimental arrangement

    2. Basic experimental findings

    3. Explanation of the pH oscillations in terms of the general model of intentional action

    4. The effects caused by the quartz crystal

    5. Relating Tiller's hypothesis to TGD framework

    6. A model for the findings based on hierarchy of large Planck constants

  8. Formation of holograms by time mirror mechanism as a key mechanism of intentional action?

    1. Four-wave interaction as a mechanism of intentional action?

    2. Plasma oscillation patterns as generalized holograms

    3. Nerve pulse generation and holograms

    4. Generalized four-wave interaction in relation to some other anomalies

  9. How to test the basic vision?

    1. Leakage of supra currents as basic mechanism

    2. Time reversal for the leakage of supra currents

    3. Controlling metabolism by IR laser beams and DNA functioning by maser beams?

    4. How to choose senders and receivers?

    5. How to test the notion of conscious hologram?

Home Abstract

    General theory of qualia

  1. Introduction

    1. TGD in nutshell

    2. TGD inspired theory of consciousness very briefly

    3. Biological realization of self hierarchy

    4. Qualia and thermodynamics

    5. Spectroscopy of consciousness

  2. General vision about the quantum correlates of qualia

    1. What qualia are?

    2. Classification of qualia in thermodynamical framework

    3. Critical questions and open problems

  3. About the identification of the non-geometric qualia

    1. Color vision and super-symplectic algebra

    2. Chemical qualia

    3. Magnetic qualia as generalized chemical qualia

    4. Kinesthetic qualia

    5. Tactile qualia

    6. Emotions

    7. Dark matter hierarchy and emotions

    8. Dark matter hierarchy, hierarchical structure of nervous system, and hierarchy of emotions

  4. Constraints on the fermionic realization of genetic code from the model for color qualia

    1. Fermionic representation

    2. Various options for the fermionic representation of A,T,C,G

    3. Realization of color qualia for quark option

  5. Flag-manifold qualia

    1. Basic structure of the configuration space

    2. Quantum honeybee

    3. Quantum honeybee and DNA as topological quantum computer

  6. A general model for qualia and sensory receptor

    1. A general model of qualia

    2. Detailed model for the qualia

    3. Capacitor model for sensory receptor

    4. Capacitor model for color vision

    5. The structure of the retina and sensory organs as sites of sensory qualia

    6. Some examples about deficits of color vision as a test of the model for cognitive representations

    7. Odor perception and quantum coherence

    8. Is it possible to see without brain?

    9. How are the visual percepts constructed?

  7. TGD based models for cell membrane as sensory receptor

    1. Could cell correspond to almost vacuum extremal?

    2. Pollack's findings about fourth phase of water and the model of cell


Home Abstract

    Homeopathy in many-sheeted space-time

  1. Introduction

    1. Frequency imprinting and entrainment

    2. Scaling laws

    3. Model for the homeopathy

    4. Dark nuclear strings as analogs of as analogs of DNA-, RNA- and amino-acid sequences and baryonic realization of genetic code

    5. Some applications

  2. General view about homeostasis

    1. Superconducting part of the ionic flow circuitry

    2. How water represents?

    3. The role of microwaves in homeostasis

    4. How the vision about dark matter hierarchy affects the picture?

  3. Scaling law

    1. Various forms of scaling law

    2. Scaling law for the qualia about brain structure of given size

    3. Scaling law and evolution

    4. Scaling law and sensory maps

    5. Does the structure of neocortex correlate with the hierarchy of p-adic frequencies?

  4. TGD based model for homeopathy

    1. Basic claims about homeopathy

    2. Frequency signatures for the homeopathic remedies and endogenous frequencies in acupuncture

    3. A sketch for the mechanism behind the homeopathic healing

    4. TGD counterparts for the propagation and diffusion of coherence

    5. Frequency imprinting and de-imprinting

    6. A possible realization of water memory

    7. Could virtual DNAs allow a controlled development of the genome?

    8. Latest findings about water memory

  5. Further experimental findings related to water memory

    1. Genes and water memory

    2. Water electric as protocell

    3. A model for chiral selection

    4. Burning water, photosynthesis, and water memory

  6. DNA waves and water

    1. The basic findings of Montagnier's group

    2. Questions

    3. TGD inspired answers to the questions

    4. A quantum model for remote replication

  7. About Physical Representations of Genetic Code in Terms of Dark Nuclear Strings

    1. Background

    2. Models of genetic code based on dark nuclear strings

    3. The model mapping codons to dark 3-nucleon states

  • Field codes associated with homeopathy and a model for the magnetic body

    1. Plasmoids as primitive life forms associated with magnetic bodies

    2. Field representations of information using codes

    3. Priore's machine as a test bench for the model

    4. Fields and genes

    5. Magnetic mirrors, remote viewing and remote healing

  • The role of dark micro waves in living matter

    1. Dark microwaves and metabolism

    2. Poorly understood effects related to micro-waves

    3. X-ray images and remote realization of intentionality

    4. Explanation of tachyonic events using the same model

  • Activated water, homepathy and the basic mechanism of immunity

    1. Short summary about "Applied Biophysics of Activated Water" of Vysostkii et al

    2. Physical effects of activation and biological effects of activated water

    3. The basic ingredients of TGD inspired model of water memory

    4. TGD inspired model for homeopathy

    5. TGD based view about the activation of water

  • Home Abstract

      Could cancer be a disease of magnetic body?

    1. Introduction

      1. Experimental findings

      2. The proposed interpretation of findings

      3. Criticism

    2. TGD based model for the findings of Li and Heroux

      1. The notion of magnetic body

      2. Hierarchy of Planck constants, space-time surfaces as covering spaces, and adelic physics

      3. What can one say about the detailed anatomy of the MB?

      4. Water memory and homeopathy

      5. What the view about magnetic body could mean at the level of DNA and other basic bio-molecules?

    3. Two applications of the model of magnetic body

      1. Interpretation of the experiments of Montagnier et al

      2. Cancer as a disease of the MB of water?

      3. Mice in magnetic field

    Home Abstract

      Macroscopic quantum coherence and quantum metabolism as different sides of the same coin: Part I

    1. Introduction

      1. Dark matter hierarchy, sensory representations, motor action, and metabolism

      2. New ideas

      3. Many-sheeted photosynthesis

    2. General view about sensory representations, motor control, and metabolism

      1. General vision about living matter as a macroscopic quantum system

      2. A general view about quantum control, coordination and communication inspired by dark matter hierarchy

      3. Some mechanisms liberating metabolic energy and connection with free energy phenomena

      4. The challenges posed by the new ideas

    3. General vision about metabolism

      1. About metabolism in general

      2. Cellular respiration and photosynthesis

    4. TGD inspired view about metabolism

      1. Negentropic entanglement and covalent bond

      2. Questions about metabolism

      3. Hydrolysis of ATP in TGD universe

      4. Could high energy phosphate bond be negentropic bond with negative binding energy?

    5. Many-sheeted model for photosynthesis

      1. A rough overall view about photosynthesis

      2. A general model for energy storage and energy utilization by remote metabolism

      3. The general model for photosynthesis

      4. Applying the general model of energy storage and utilization to ionic pumps

      5. Quantum coherence and photosynthesis

      6. Pollack's mechanism and photosynthesis

      7. Gut cells without mitochondria can survive: proof for the notion of remote metabolism?

    6. Metabolic energy and negentropy and chemical qualia as number theoretical qualia?

      1. Brief summary of TGD view about consciousness and quantum biology

      2. Can we smell and taste the value of heff/h

      3. Adelic physics and cognition

      4. Comments to the vision of James Kohl about top-down and bottom-up causation, immune system, nutrients, and olfaction

    Home Abstract

      Macroscopic quantum coherence and quantum metabolism as different sides of the same coin: Part II

    1. Introduction

      1. Quantum view about energy economy in brain

      2. Molecular machines in many-sheeted space-time

    2. A general model for metabolism

      1. Three possible models for liberation of metabolic energy

      2. Model for the building bricks of plasmoids

      3. Model for the metabolism of plasmoids?

      4. Does dark biology represent pre- or post-biotic evolution?

      5. Quantum model for metabolism

    3. Constant torque as a manner to force phase transition increasing the value of Planck constant

      1. Could constant torque force the increase of heff?

      2. What about stationary solutions

      3. The connection with WKB approximation and Airy functions

      4. Connection with living matter

    4. A model for brain metabolism

      1. Metabolism in brain

      2. Astrocytes and quantum control of brain

      3. The effects of endogenous sound waves as a support for the scenario

    5. Molecular machines in many-sheeted space-time

      1. TGD inspired questions and ideas relating to coherent locomotion

      2. Some facts about molecular and cellular motors

      3. Molecular motors in single-sheeted space-time

      4. Molecular machines in TGD framework

    6. Miscellaneous

      1. Older ideas

      2. Generalized-four wave mechanism as a basic mechanism of remote metabolism

      3. Explanation of super-luminal velocities in terms of remote metabolism


      About Concrete Realization of Remote Metabolism

    1. Introduction

    2. Quantum credit card

      1. Two realizations for the "population inverted laser"

      2. Support for quantum credit card mechanism

      3. Confirmation of Santilli's detection of antimatter galaxies via a telescope with concave lenses:really?

    3. Comparison of Ling's vision about cell to TGD view

      1. Basic ideas and notions of Ling

      2. The basic notions of Ling's vision from TGD view point

      3. The role of ATP according to Ling and in TGD framework

      4. Ling's theory from the perspective of TGD inspired theory of consciousness

    4. Capacitor like Josephson junctions as systems with large heff/h?

      1. Cell membrane as Josephson junction

      2. Quantization of the DC voltage of capacitor from the quantization of charge

      3. Constraint on cyclotron frequency

      4. What about more general capacitor like systems?

      5. What fJ=fAC/l condition implies for Earth's electric field?

      6. Cell membrane, DNA double strand, and cortical layers as capacitor like Josephson junctions

      7. Further comments

    5. Tesla's work, biology, and TGD

      1. Tesla's work

      2. Relating Tesla's work to TGD inspired quantum biology

      3. How could this picture relate to biofield research?

      4. Tesla coils from TGD view point

    6. Teslaphoresis in TGD

      1. What Tesla coils are?

      2. How TGD could be involved?



    1. Basic properties of CP2

      1. CP2 as a manifold

      2. Metric and Kähler structures of CP2

      3. Spinors in CP2

      4. Geodesic sub-manifolds of CP2

    2. CP2 geometry and standard model symmetries

      1. Identification of the electro-weak couplings

      2. Discrete symmetries

    3. Basic facts about induced gauge fields

      1. Induced gauge fields for space-times for which CP2 projection is a geodesic sphere

      2. Space-time surfaces with vanishing em, Z0, or Kähler fields

    4. p-Adic numbers and TGD

      1. p-Adic number fields

      2. Canonical correspondence between p-adic and real numbers

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