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TGD Inspired Theory of Consciousness?

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The reader who has visited my page earlier perhaps wonders the fate of the earlier four online books about TGD. Nothing tragic is involved. I only realized that the average length of these books is around 2000 pages even taking into account the redundancy. The only thing I could do was to chop my dear friends into pieces by narrowing sharply the topic of what I decide to call book. Hence the two books about TGD proper split to seven and two books about TGD inspired theory of consciousness replicated to eight. There are not yet any new contributions to this particular book. I have kept the old version of the page, one of the reasons being that it contains "What's new?" histories over about four years telling about the vigorous development of TGD during these years.

Year 2018

To manners to learn and what goes wrong with vulgar skeptics? (14.10. 2018).

Maxwell's demon from TGD viewpoint (31.1. 2018).

Year 2017

Some TGD inspired comments related to quantum measurement theory (26.10. 2017).

NMP and self (25.1.2017)

WCW and the notion of intentional free will (25.1.2017)

Year 2016

ER=EPR and TGD (3.9. 2016).

Cloning of maximally negentropic states is possible: DNA replication as cloning of this kind of states? (25.8. 2016).

Wigner's friend and Schrödinger's cat (18.8. 2016).

Is the sum of p-adic negentropies equal to real entropy? (7.6. 2016).

Re-incarnation as a basic prediction of TGD inspired theory of consciousness(9.5. 2016).

Inverse Research on Decisions Shows Instinct Makes Us Behave Like Cyborgs, not Robots: Really?(2.5. 2016).

Number Theoretical Feats and TGD Inspired Theory of Consciousness(25.4. 2016).

NMP and adelic physics (18.4. 2016).

Year 2015

Psychedelic induced experiences as key to the understanding of the connection between magnetic body and information molecules? (15.9.2015).

About negentropic quantum entanglement as an analog of an error correcting code

(18.8. 2015).

Quantum measurement and quantum computation in TGD Universe

(13.8. 2015).

Quantum cognition(19.6.2015).

Two kinds of negentropic entanglements(19.6.2015).

How imagination could be realized p-adically?(27.5.2015).

Time reversed self(27.5.2015).

Updated Negentropy Maximization Principle(5.5.2015).

Does the flow of time correspond to the increase of the effective Planck constant(10.2.2015).

Year 2014

What self is?(16.7.2013).

Latest view about about how the flow and arrow of time are generated(30.12.2013).

Year 2013

Negentropic entanglement, NMP, braiding and TQC(30.12.2013).

NMP and intelligence(29.11.2013).

More precise formulation of NMP(2.6.2013).

Year 2012

Quantum dynamics for the moduli associated of CDs and the arrow of geometric time(5.11.2012).

Quantum dynamics for the moduli associated of CDs and the arrow of geometric time(5.11.2012).

The mystery of time again(6.5.2012).

A proposal for memory code(15.3.2012).

One more reason for the p-adicity of cognition(3.2.2012).

The anatomy of quantum jump in zero energy ontology(26.1.2012).

Year 2011

Time for time(11.11.2011).

How the arrow of geometric time is selected in TGD Universe?(26.4.2011).

Generalization of thermodynamics allowing negentropic entanglement and a model for conscious information processing(4.1.2011).

Year 2010

The arrow of time and self referentiality of consciousness (27.12.2010)

Does harmonic complexity reduce to 3-adicity? (18.3.2010)

Negentropy Maximization Principle updated (4.3.2010)

Year 2008

About the arrow of psychological time and notion of self (9.6.2008)

About the arrow of psychological time and notion of self: once again! (7.1.2008)

Year 2007

Experimental support for binocular rivalry as a quantum phenomenon (29.10.2007)

Remote metabolism, long term memory, and zero energy ontology(12.9.2007)

Applying computer analogy to the model for long term memories (12.9.2007)

New Developments in TGD and Their Implications for TGD Inspired Theory of Consciousness (24.6.2007)

Year 2006

What really distinguishes between future and past? (9.9.2006)

Zero energy ontology, cognition, and intentionality (30.7.2006)

Infinite primes, cognition, and intentionality (29.7.2006)

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