The anomalies of water as evidence for the existence of dark matter in TGD sense
p-Adicization and adelic physics
Re-examination of the basic notions of TGD inspired theory of consciousness
Two different lifetimes for neutron as evidence for dark protons
Chemical qualia as number theoretical qualia?
Some Questions Related to the Twistor Lift of TGD
About the double-slit experiment of Dean Radin
About syncronization of clocks
Could second generation of weak bosons explain the reduction of proton charge radius?
TGD view about the findings challenging the halo model of galactic dark matter
Quantum computations without definite causal structure: TGD view
About some unclear issues of TGD
What could be the role of complexity theory in TGD?
About parity violation in hadron physics
Breaking of CP, P, and T in cosmological scales in TGD Universe
Two steps towards understanding of the origins of life
Phase transition from M107 hadron physics to M89 hadron physics as counterpart for de-confinement phase transition?
Articles about TGD (2017)
The list gives examples of the work in TGD carried out since 2017: articles are in form of pdf files. My hope that they could give intuitive overall view about the recent situation in TGD. Newest articles are at the top and left.
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