1. Introduction

  2. TGD briefly

    1. Space-time as 4-surface

    2. Zero energy ontology (ZEO)

    3. Quantum physics as physics of classical spinor fields in WCW

    4. Quantum criticality, measurement resolution, and hierarchy of Planck constants

    5. Number theoretical vision

  3. p-Adic mass calculations and p-adic thermodynamics

    1. p-Adic numbers

    2. Model of elementary particle

    3. p-Adic mass calculations

    4. p-Adic length scale hypothesis

    5. Mersenne primes and Gaussian Mersennes are special

    6. Questions

  4. p-Adicization and adelic physics

    1. Challenges

    2. NTU and the correspondence between real and p-adic physics

    3. NTU at space-time level

    4. NTU and WCW

    5. Breaking of NTU at the level of scattering amplitudes

    6. NTU and the spectrum of Kähler coupling strength

    7. Generalization of Riemann zeta to Dedekind zeta and adelic physics

    8. Other applications of NTU

    9. Going to the roots of p-adicity

  5. p-Adic physics and consciousness

    1. From quantum measurement theory to a theory of consciousness

    2. NMP and self

    3. p-Adic physics as correlate of cognition and imagination

  6. Appendix: Super-symplectic conformal weights and zeros of Riemann zeta

    1. A general formula for the zeros of zeta from NTU

    2. More precise view about zeros of Zeta

    3. Possible relevance for TGD