1. Introduction

    1. Could AGG act as permutation group for infinite number of objects?

    2. Dessins d'enfant

    3. Langlands program

  2. Langlands program

    1. Adeles

    2. Construction of representations of adelic Gl_2

  3. Compactness is guaranteed by algebraicity: dessins d'enfant

    1. Dessins d'enfant

    2. Could one combine quantum adelic representations with dessin d'enfant representations?

    3. Dessins d'enfant and TGD

  4. Appendix: Basic concepts and ideas related to the number theoretic Langlands program

    1. Langlands correspondence and AGG

    2. Abelian class field theory and TGD

    3. Langlands correspondence and modular invariance

    4. Correspondence between n-dimensional representations of Gal(Fbar/F) and representations of GL(n,A_F) in the space of functions in GL(n,F)\GL(n,AF)

    5. Frobenius automorphism

    6. Automorphic representations and automorphic functions

    7. Hecke operators