1. Introduction

  2. Criticism of Atyiah's approach

  3. About coupling constant evolution in TGD framework

    1. Number theoretic vision about coupling constant evolution

    2. Cosmological constant and twistor lift of Kähler action

    3. Does p-adic coupling constant evolution reduce to that for cosmological constant?

    4. Feedback to the notion of quantum criticality

    5. TGD view about inclusions of HFFs as a manner to understand coupling constant evolution

    6. Entanglement and adelic physics

  4. Trying to understand why ramified primes are so special physically

    1. Dedekind zeta function and ramified primes

    2. Appendix: About the decomposition of primes of number field K to primes of its extension L/K

  5. Appendix: Explicit formulas for the evolution of cosmological constant

    1. General form for the imbedding of twistor sphere

    2. Induced Kähler form

    3. Induced metric

    4. Coordinates (v,Ψ ) in terms of (u,Φ )

    5. Various partial derivatives

    6. Calculation of the evolution of cosmological constant