1. Introduction

  2. Brief summary of basic concepts from the points of view of physics

  3. Could the generalized scalars be useful in physics?

    1. Are reals somehow special and where to stop?

    2. Can one generalize calculus?

    3. Generalizing general covariance

    4. The notion of precision and generalized scalars

    5. Further questions about physical interpretation

  4. How generalized scalars and infinite primes relate?

    1. Explicit realization for the function algebra associated with infinite rationals

    2. Generalization of the notion of real by bringing in infinite number of real units

    3. Finding the roots of polynomials defined by infinite primes

  5. Further comments about physics related articles

    1. Quantum Foundations: Is Probability Ontological

    2. Group Invariant Entanglements in Generalized Tensor Products