1. Introduction

    1. Langlands program briefly

    2. A modest attempt for an overview

    3. Why number theoretic vision about TGD could have something to do with Langlands program?

  2. More detailed view about Langlands correpondence

    1. Group theory side of Langlands correspondence

    2. Number theoretical side of Langlands correspondence

  3. TGD and Langlands correspondence

    1. Comparing the motivations

    2. TGD inspired ideas related to number theoretic Langlands correspondence

    3. Could geometric and number theoretic Langlands relate to each other?

  4. Generalization of Fermat's last theorem and TGD

    1. The analog for Diophantine equations in TGD

    2. The analog for automorphic forms in TGD

    3. What is the relation to Langlands conjecture (LC)?