1. Introduction

    1. What p-adic physics means?

    2. Number theoretic vision briefly

    3. p-Adic space-time sheets as solutions of real field equations continued algebraically to p-adic number field

    4. The notion of pinary cutoff

    5. Program

  2. p-Adic numbers and consciousness

    1. p-Adic physics as physics of cognition

    2. Zero energy ontology, cognition, and intentionality

  3. Generalization of classical TGD

    1. p-Adic Riemannian geometry

    2. p-Adic imbedding space

    3. Topological condensate as a generalized manifold

    4. p-Adicization at space-time level

    5. Infinite primes, cognition, and intentionality

    6. p-Adicization of second quantized induced spinor fields

    7. Should one p-adicize at configuration space level?

  4. p-Adic probabilities

    1. p-Adic probabilities and p-adic fractals

    2. Relationship between p-adic and real probabilities

    3. p-Adic thermodynamics

    4. Generalization of the notion of information

  5. p-Adic Quantum Mechanics

    1. p-Adic modifications of ordinary Quantum Mechanics

    2. p-Adic inner product and Hilbert spaces

    3. p-Adic unitarity and p-adic cohomology

    4. The concept of monitoring

    5. p-Adic Schrödinger equation

    6. Number theoretical Quantum Mechanics

  6. Generalization of the notion of configuration space

    1. Is algebraic continuation between real and p-adic worlds possible?

    2. p-Adic counterparts of configuration space Hamiltonians

    3. Configuration space integration

    4. Are the exponential of Kaehler function and reduce Kaehler action rational functions?

  7. How to perform WCW integrations in generalized Feynman diagrams

    1. What finite measurement resolution means?

    2. How to define integration in WCW degrees of freedom?

    3. How to define generalized Feynman diagrams?

    4. How to define integration and p-adic Fourier analysis and p-adic counterparts of geometric objects?

    5. Harmonic analysis in WCW as a manner to calculate WCW functional integrals

  8. How to realize the notion of finite measurement resolution mathematically?

    1. Does discretization define an analog of homology theory?

    2. Does the notion of manifold in finite measurement resolution make sense?

    3. Hierachy of finite measurement resolutions and hierarchy of p-adic normal Lie groups