1. Introduction

    1. Could quasars be MECOs rather than supermassive blackholes?

    2. TGD view

  2. Background about TGD

    1. General vision

    2. Twistor lift of TGD

    3. Is the cosmological constant really understood?

    4. Does p-adic coupling constant evolution reduce to that for cosmological constant?

    5. What does one really mean with gravitational Planck constant?

  3. TGD view about quasars

    1. Overall view about the model

    2. Estimate for the strength of the poloidal component $Bθof the magnetic field just below rS

    3. Intelligent blackholes?

  4. Appendix: Explicit formulas for the evolution of cosmological constants

    1. General form for the imbedding of twistor sphere

    2. Induced Kähler form

    3. Induced metric

    4. Coordinates (v,Ψ ) in terms of (u,Φ )

    5. Various partial derivatives

    6. Calculation of the evolution of cosmological constant