1. Introduction

    1. Some applications to condensed matter physics

  2. Liquids, superconductivity and superfluidity

    1. Mysterious Action At Distance Between Liquid Containers

    2. The Behavior Of Superfluids In Gravitational Field

    3. New findings related to high Tc super-conductivity

    4. The mysterious dichloromethane droplet, which refuses to sink in water and begins to spin

  3. Deviations from Maxwell's electrodynamics

    1. Does the Physics Of SmB6 make the fundamental dynamics of TGD directly visible?

    2. Are monopoles found?

    3. Badly behaving photons and space-time as 4-surface

    4. Non-local production of photon pairs as support for heff hierarchy

  4. Thermodynamical surprises

    1. Quantization of thermal conductance and quantum thermodynamics

    2. Deviation from the prediction of standard quantum theory for radiative energy transfer in faraway region

    3. Time crystals, macroscopic quantum coherence, and adelic physics

  5. Some condensed matter anomalies

    1. Exciton-polariton Bose-Einstein condensate at room temperature and heff hierarchy

    2. Quantum scarring from TGD point of view

    3. Three surprising condensed matter findings

    4. Fractons and TGD