1. Introduction

    1. Some applications to living Matter

  2. Basic notions and ideas

    1. Worrying About The Consistency With The TGD Inspired Quantum Biology

    2. Why metabolism and what happens in bio-catalysis?

    3. Does valence bond theory relate to the hierarchy of Planck constants?

    4. Revolution in chemistry

    5. Water oxidation and photosynthesis in TGD framework

  3. Biocontrol and supraphases

    1. A New Control Mechanism Of TGD Inspired Quantum Biology

    2. Are Bacteria Able To Induce Super-Fluidity?

    3. Bacteria behave like spin system: Why?

  4. Dark variants of basic information molecules

    1. Could the replication of mirror DNA teach something about chiral selection?

    2. Is dark DNA dark also in TGD sense?

    3. Clustering of RNA polymerase molecules and Comorosan effect