1. Introduction

    1. Miscellanous applications including fringe physics

  2. The analogs of CKM mixing and neutrino oscillations for particle and its dark variants

    1. 21-cm anomaly as a motivation for the model of the interaction between different levels of heff hierarchy

    2. Mixing and oscillations of dark photons

  3. TGD Inspired View About Blackholes And Hawking Radiation

    1. Is Information Lost Or Not In Blackhole Collapse?

    2. What Are The Problems?

    3. TGD View About Black Holes And Hawking Radiation

    4. More About BMS Supertranslations

  4. How to demonstrate quantum superposition of classical gravitational fields?

    1. Is gravitation classical or quantal?

    2. Zeno effect and weak measurements

    3. What Does Topological Order Mean?

    4. Topological Order And Category Theory

    5. Category Theoretical Description Of Topological Order In TGD

  5. Deconstruction And Reconstruction In Quantum Physics And Conscious Experience

    1. Deconstruction And Reconstruction In Perception, Condensed Matter Physics And In TGD Inspired Theory Of Consciousness

    2. Could Condensed Matter Physics And Consciousness Theory Have Something To Share?