1. Introduction

    1. TGD in nutshell

    2. TGD inspired theory of consciousness very briefly

    3. Biological realization of self hierarchy

    4. Qualia and thermodynamics

    5. Spectroscopy of consciousness

  2. General vision about the quantum correlates of qualia

    1. What qualia are?

    2. Classification of qualia in thermodynamical framework

    3. Critical questions and open problems

  3. About the identification of the non-geometric qualia

    1. Color vision and super-symplectic algebra

    2. Chemical qualia

    3. Magnetic qualia as generalized chemical qualia

    4. Kinesthetic qualia

    5. Tactile qualia

    6. Emotions

    7. Dark matter hierarchy and emotions

    8. Dark matter hierarchy, hierarchical structure of nervous system, and hierarchy of emotions

  4. Constraints on the fermionic realization of genetic code from the model for color qualia

    1. Fermionic representation

    2. Various options for the fermionic representation of A,T,C,G

    3. Realization of color qualia for quark option

  5. Flag-manifold qualia

    1. Basic structure of the configuration space

    2. Quantum honeybee

    3. Quantum honeybee and DNA as topological quantum computer

  6. A general model for qualia and sensory receptor

    1. A general model of qualia

    2. Detailed model for the qualia

    3. Capacitor model for sensory receptor

    4. Capacitor model for color vision

    5. The structure of the retina and sensory organs as sites of sensory qualia

    6. Some examples about deficits of color vision as a test of the model for cognitive representations

    7. Odor perception and quantum coherence

    8. Is it possible to see without brain?

    9. How are the visual percepts constructed?

  7. TGD based models for cell membrane as sensory receptor

    1. Could cell correspond to almost vacuum extremal?

    2. Pollack's findings about fourth phase of water and the model of cell

    3. Phase transitions generating dark phases and sensory perception