1. Introduction

    1. Super-conformal invariance and generalization of Hilbert-Polya hypothesis

    2. Zero energy ontology and RH

    3. Miscellaneous ideas

  2. General vision

    1. Generalization of the number concept and Riemann hypothesis

    2. Modified form of Hilbert-Polya hypothesis

    3. Riemann hypothesis in zero energy ontology

  3. Riemann hypothesis and super-conformal invariance

    1. Modifed form of Hilbert-Polya conjecture

    2. Formal solution of the eigenvalue equation for D+

    3. D=D+ condition and Hermitian form

    4. How to choose the function F?

    5. Study of the Hermiticity conditions

    6. A proof of Riemann hypothesis using the completeness of the physical states?

    7. Does the Hermitian form define and inner product?

    8. Super-conformal symmetry

    9. Is the proof of the Riemann hypothesis by reductio ad absurdum possible using super-conformal invariance?

    10. What about p-adic version of the modified Hilbert-Polya hypothesis?

    11. Riemann Hypothesis and quasicrystals

  4. Miscellaneous ideas about Riemann hypothesis

    1. Universality Principle

    2. How to understand Riemann hypothesis

    3. Stronger variants for the sharpened form of the Riemann hypothesis

    4. Are the imaginary parts of the zeros of Zeta linearly independent of not?

  5. Could local zeta functions take the role of Riemann Zeta in TGD framework?

    1. Local zeta functions and Weil conjectures

    2. Local zeta functions and TGD

    3. Galois groups, Jones inclusions, and infinite primes

    4. Connection between Hurwitz zetas, quantum groups, and hierarchy of Planck constants?