1. Introduction

    1. New view about SUSY

    2. Connection of SUSY and second quantization

    3. Proposal for S-matrix

  2. How to formulate SUSY at the level of H=M4× CP2?

    1. First trial

    2. Second trial

    3. More explicit picture

    4. What super-Dirac equation could mean and does one need super-Dirac action at all?

    5. About super-Taylor expansion of super-Käler and super-Dirac actions

  3. Other aspects of SUSY according to TGD

    1. M8-H duality and SUSY

    2. Can one construct S-matrix at the level of M8 using exponent of super-action?

    3. How the earlier vision about coupling constant evolution would be modified?

    4. How is the p-adic mass scale determined?

    5. Super counterpart for the twistor lift of TGD

  4. Are quarks enough to explain elementary particle spectrum?

    1. Attempt go gain bird's eye of view

    2. Comparing the new and older picture about elementary particles

    3. Are quarks enough as fundamental fermions?

    4. What bosons the super counterpart of bosonic action predicts?

  5. Is it possible to have leptons as (effectively) local 3-quark composites?

    1. Some background

    2. Color representations and masses for quarks and leptons as modes of M4× CP2 spinor field

    3. Additivity of mass squared for quarks does not give masses of lepton modes

    4. Can one obtain observed leptons and avoid leptonic Δ?

    5. Are both quarks and leptons or only quarks fundamental fermions?

  6. Appendix: Still about the topology of elementary particles and hadrons