1. Introduction

    1. Could one replace AdS/CFT correspondence with TGD version of holography?

    2. Perfect tensors and tensor networks realized in terms of magnetic body carrying negentropically entangled dark matter

    3. Physics of living matter as physics condensed dark matter at magnetic bodies?

  2. Holography

    1. Holographies

    2. Blackholes and wormholes

    3. Hyperbolic tesselations are possible for both AdS and Minkowski space

  3. Entanglement and physics of quantum complexity

    1. Some general results

    2. Entanglement in TGD Universe

  4. Quantum error correcting codes, holography, and tensor networks

    1. Tensor networks

    2. Isometries and perfect tensors

    3. Hyperbolic tesselations and holographic quantum states and codes

    4. Entanglement structure of holographic states

  5. TGD view about the holographic states and codes

    1. Realization of the holographic states in terms of flux tube networks

    2. Generalization of the area formula for entanglement entropy

    3. Summary

  6. Tensor Networks and S-matrices

    1. Twistorial and number theoretic visions

    2. Generalization of the notion of unitarity

    3. Scattering diagrams as tensor networks constructed from perfect tensors

    4. Eigenstates of Yangian co-algebra generators as a manner to generate maximal entanglement?

    5. Two different tensor network descriptions

    6. Taking into account braiding and WCW degrees of freedom

    7. How do the gauge couplings appear in the vertices?