Generalization of thermodynamics allowing negentropic entanglement and a model for conscious information processing
Could one generalize braid invariant defined by vacuum expecation of Wilson loop to and invariant of braid cobordisms and of 2-knots?
DNA Waves and Water
The master formula for the U-matrix finally found?
Is the new boson reported by CDF pion of scaled up variant of hadron physics?
TGD inspired vision about entropic gravitation
Oil droplets as a primitive life form?
Motives and Infinite Primes
Sheldrake's Morphic Fields and TGD View about Quantum Biology
Quantum Model for Remote Replication
How infinite primes relate to other views about mathematical infinity?
Langlands conjectures in TGD framework
An attempt to understand preferred extremals of Kähler action
Are neutrinos superluminal?
Do we really understand the solar system?
Do X and Y mesons provide evidence for color excited quarks?
Is Kähler action expressible in terms of areas of minimal surfaces?
Quantum Arithmetics and the Relationship between Real and p-Adic Physics
Algebraic braids, sub-manifold braid theory, and generalized Feynman diagrams
Inflation and TGD
Higgs or M89 hadron physics?
TGD Based View about Classical Fields in Relation to Consciousness Theory and Quantum Biology
Articles about TGD (2011)
The list gives examples of the work in TGD carried out since 2011: articles are in form of pdf files. My hope that they could give intuitive overall view about the recent situation in TGD. Newest articles are at the top and left.
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