Robert Kiehn's ideas about Falaco solitons and generation of turbulent wake from TGD perspective
The most recent indications for anomalies from TGD perspective
What p-adic icosahedron could mean? And what about p-adic manifold?
Matter-antimatter asymmetry, baryo-genesis, lepto-genesis, and TGD
Comments on the recent experiments by the group of Michael Persinger
Still about non-planar twistor diagrams
What are the counterparts of Einstein's equations in TGD?
Could one find a geometric realization for genetic and memetic codes?
Comparison of TGD Inspired Theory of Consciousness with Some Other Theories of Consciousness
Are dark photons behind biophotons?
Consciousness as a phenomenon in the operational architectonics of brain organization: Critality and self-organization considerations
"Applied biophysics of activated water" and the basic mechanism of water memory in TGD framework
Hypnosis as remote mental interaction
About concrete realization of remote metabolism
Some fresh ideas about twistorialization of TGD
Could photosensitive emulsions make dark matter visible?
Scattering amplitudes in positive Grassmannian: TGD perspective
The TGD variant of the model of Widom and Larsen for cold fusion
A General Model for Metabolism
Does Constant Torque Induce a Phase Transition Increasing the Value of Planck Constant?
About the Notion of Four-momentum in TGD Framework
Negentropic entanglement, NMP, braiding and topological quantum computation
Articles about TGD (2013)
The list gives examples of the work in TGD carried out since 2013: articles are in form of pdf files. My hope that they could give intuitive overall view about the recent situation in TGD. Newest articles are at the top and left.
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