Articles about TGD (2022)
The list gives examples of the work in TGD carried out during 2022: articles are in form of pdf files. My hope that they could give intuitive overall view about the recent situation in TGD. Newest articles are at the bottom.
Horizontal Gene Transfer by Remote Replication?
Quantum Statistical Brain
About TGD counterparts of twistor amplitudes: Part I
About TGD counterparts of twistor amplitudes: Part II
Gene tectonics
Homology of "world of classical worlds" in relation to Floer homology and quantum homology
The realization of genetic code in terms of dark nucleon and dark photon triplets
TGD view about water memory and the notion of morphogenetic field
Molecular signalling from the TGD point of view
Hen and egg problems of biology from TGD point of view
Quantum gravitation and quantum biology in TGD Universe
DMT experiences and hyperbolic geometry
Quantum Gravitation and Topological Quantum Computation
Mysteries associated with lightnings, ball lightnings and the electrosphere of Earth
About the number theoretic aspects of ZEO
Mysteries related to gene expression and meiosis
Two objections against p-adic thermodynamics and their resolution
TGD based explanation of the satellite plane anomaly of the cold dark matter model
The possible role of spin glass phase and p-adic thermodynamics in topological quantum computation: the TGD view
Comparison of Orch-OR hypothesis with the TGD point of view
McKay Correspondence from Quantum Arithmetics Replacing Sum and Product with Direct Sum and Tensor Product?
Why don't airplanes fall down?
Can quasi-time crystal be created by a Fibonacci process?: TGD point of view
Quantum biological teleportation using multiple 6-qubits
Antipodal duality and TGD
TGD view of Krebs cycle
Trying to fuse the basic mathematical ideas of quantum TGD to a single coherent whole
TGD inspired model for freezing in nano scales
About the TGD based notions of mass, of twistors and hyperbolic counterpart of Fermi torus
Some comments of the physical interpretation of Riemann zeta in TGD
Some New Ideas Related to Langlands Program viz. TGD
Evidence for Quantum Brain
More anomalies related to the standard model of galaxy formation
Finite fields and TGD
Intersection form for 4-manifolds, knots and 2-knots, smooth exotics, and TGD
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