Articles about TGD (2023)
The list gives examples of the work in TGD carried out during 2023: articles are in form of pdf files. My hope that they could give intuitive overall view about the recent situation in TGD. Newest articles are at the bottom.
Expanding Earth Hypothesis and Pre-Cambrian Earth
TGD view of Michael Levin's work
Reduction of standard model structure to CP2 geometry and other key ideas of TGD
New results about causal diamonds from the TGD point of view
Magnetic Bubbles in TGD Universe
Is Negentropy Maximization Principle needed as an independent principle?
Kondo effect from the TGD perspective
A TGD Inspired Model for Solar Flares
Does a Higgs-like particle decaying to eμ pairs exist?
Magnetic Bubbles in TGD Universe: Part I
Magnetic Bubbles in TGD Universe: Part II
About the TGD based views of family replication phenomenon and color confinement
Some anomalies associated with the Sun
Could neuronal system and even GTP give rise to a computer with a variable arrow of time?
New findings related to the number theoretical view of TGD
Neil Gersching's vision of self-replicating robots from TGD point of view
TGD view of the paradoxical findings of the James Webb telescope
Exotic smooth structures at space-time surfaces and master formula for scattering amplitudes in TGD
About tessellations in hyperbolic 3-space and their relation to the genetic code
The TGD view of the recently discovered gravitational hum as gravitational diffraction
Mapping the Universe using cosmic neutrinos
Deep learning from the TGD point of view
About the mechanism of the energy transfer in photosynthesis
A revolution in lithium-sulphur battery technology?
Double slit experiment in time domain from the TGD  perspective
Empirical support for the Expanding Earth hypothesis
About Platonization of Nuclear String Model and of Model of Atoms
Hamilton-Jacobi Structure as a 4-D generalization of 2-D complex structure
Some New Aspects of the TGD Inspired Model of the Nerve Pulse
About the Relationships Between Weak and Strong Interactions and Quantum Gravity in the TGD Universe
Symmetries and Geometry of the "World of Classical Worlds"
Some comments about the identification of leptons and matter-antimatter asymmetry
Birational maps as morphisms of cognitive structures
Pollack Effect and Some Anomalies of Water
About the Relationships Between Weak and Strong Interactions and Quantum Gravity in the TGD Universe
The Notion of Generalized Integer
Pollack Effect, Lightnings and Ball Lightnings
A possible mechanism of radiative   energy transfer from the Earth's core to underground oceans near the surface of Earth
About long range electromagnetic quantum coherence in TGD Universe
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