Articles about TGD (2021)
The list gives examples of the work in TGD carried out during 2021: articles are in form of pdf files. My hope that they could give intuitive overall view about the recent situation in TGD. Newest articles are at the bottom.
Is genetic code part of fundamental physics in TGD framework?
Negentropy Maximization Principle and Second Law
Aging from TGD point of view (with Reza Rastmanesh)
Time reversal and the anomalies of rotating magnetic systems
Why the outcome of an event would be more predictable if it is known to occur? (with Reza Rastmanesh)
Can one regard leptons as effectively local 3-quark composites?
Is M8-H duality consistent with Fourier analysis at the level of M4× CP2?
The antisymmetry of antimatter in proton from TGD point of view
The decays of heavy nuclei as support for nuclear string model
TGD based intepretation for the strange findings of Eric Reines
Three unexpected findings in hadron and nuclear physics from TGD point of view
MeshCODE theory from TGD point of view
The idea of Connes about inherent time evolution of certain algebraic structures from TGD point of view.
Still about the notion of causal indefiniteness in TGD framework.
Pomeron and Odderon from TGD point of view.
Three alternative generalizations of Nottale's hypothesis in TGD framework
EEG and the structure of magnetosphere.
Has AI hit a dead end?.
Updated version of Expanding Earth model.
Revolution in chemistry.
Water oxidation and photosynthesis in TGD framework.
Some questions concerning zero energy ontology.
Sensory hubs drift around brain although they should not.
Questions about coupling constant evolution.
Cosmic spinning filaments that are too long.
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