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TGD and Nuclear Physics

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Year 2024

Missing baryon problem from the TGD point of view (13.2. 2024).

Year 2023

About the Relationship Between Strong and Weak Interactions in the TGD Universe (5.12. 2023).

Doubly magic mystery for nuclei (3.12. 2023).

Still about the symmetries of WCW (16.11. 2023).

The conserved charges associated with generalized holomorphies and WCW isometries (14.11. 2023).

About the relationships between weak and strong interactions and quantum gravity in the TGD Universe (8.11. 2023).

About the difference between electroweak and strong interactions assuming generalized holomorphy (2.11. 2023).

How could strong interactions emerge at the level of scattering amplitudes?(30.10. 2023).

Vision about unification of strong and weak interactions(4.10. 2023).

Could the notions of Platonization and tensegrity make sense in atomic physics?(26.9. 2023).

What Platonic vision allows to say about nuclear dynamics?(26.9. 2023).

Platonization of physics leads to deep connections between atomic, nuclear and hadron physics(21.9. 2023).

A new view of hadrons inspired by the nuclear physics model(17.9. 2023).

The duality between descriptions of strong interactions as dark weak interactions and color interactions(14.9. 2023).

About neutrino atoms(10.9. 2023).

Should we give up the myth of elusive neutrinos?(9.9. 2023).

About Platonization of Nuclear String Model and of Model of Atoms(9.9. 2023).

Updated collection of books about TGD(1.9. 2023).

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