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Quantum TGD: Part I

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Year 2024

Could a TGD analog of Weinstein's proposal help to define the QFT limit of TGD?(26.2. 2024).

Modified Dirac equation and the holography=holomorphy hypothesis(27.1. 2024).

The twistor space of H=M4× CP2 allows Lagrangian 6-surfaces: what does this mean physically?(7.1. 2024).

About Lagrangian surfaces in the twistor space of M4×CP2(7.1. 2024).

Year 2023

Boundary conditions at partonic orbits and holography (24.11. 2023)


Universality of the holomorphic solution ansatz viz. notion of effective action (23.11. 2023)

Objection against the idea about theoretician friendly Mother Nature (21.11. 2023).

A proposal for an explicit realization of the Hamilton-Jacobi structures(29.9. 2023).

Updated collection of books about TGD(1.9. 2023).

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