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Year 2022

VO2 can remember like a brain (4.11. 2022).

A strange behavior of hybrid matter-antimatter atoms in superfluid Helium (26.9. 2022).

Hyperbolic Fermi torus (21.9. 2022).

Are space-time boundaries possible in the TGD framework? (21.9. 2022).

Does the phenomenon of super oscillation challenge energy conservation? (13.8. 2022).

Where does the heat energy go in Tokamak? (25.7. 2022).

Can quasi-time crystal be created by a Fibonacci process?: TGD point of view (24.7. 2022).

Why don't airplanes fall down? (19.7. 2022).

Quantum flute (7.7. 2022).

Could inert neutrinos be dark neutrinos in the TGD sense? (23.6. 2022).

p-Adic particle massivation and entanglement: are all physical states massless?! (25.5. 2022).

Quantum friction in the flow of water through nanotube (3.2. 2022).

A finding challenging the standard theory of electrolytes (3.2. 2022).

Superconductivity dome rises from damped phonons (1.2. 2022).

Bosonic strange metals and the oscillatory behavior of the magnetoresistance (16.1. 2022).

The mysterious linear temperature dependence of resistance of strange metals (15.1. 2022).

Year 2021

Spin Glasses, Complexity, and TGD(4.12. 2021).

Mott insulators learn like living organisms(19.11. 2021).

Quantum hydrodynamics in nuclear physics and hadron physics(27.10. 2021).

The emergence of twistors from M8-H duality(27.10. 2021).

Braids, anyons, and Galois groups(26.10. 2021).

Adelic physics and quantum measurement theory(26.10. 2021).

Uncertainty Principle and M8-H duality (26.10. 2021).

Galois confinement (25.10. 2021).

Bird's eye of view about topics of book "TGD and Condensed Matter" (25.10. 2021).

TGD and Quantum Hydrodynamics(28.9. 2021).

TGD as it is towards end of 2021 (11.9. 2021).

The recent view about TGD and applications to condensed matter(8.9. 2021).

Possible implications of the TGD based model of superconductivity (19.7. 2021).

The 4 anomalies of BCS model of superconductivity in TGD framework (19.7. 2021).

Beltrami flow as space-time correlate for non-dissipative flow (19.7. 2021).

Comparing the Berry phase model of super-conductivity with the TGD based model (16.7. 2021).

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