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Bio-Systems as Conscious Holograms

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Year 2022

Are space-time boundaries possible in the TGD framework? (21.9. 2022).

Krebs cycle from TGD point of view (24.8.2022)

Dark 3N-resonances and quantum teleportation (27.7.2022)

Snow flakes, Emoto effect, and Pollack effect: life at quantum criticality? (29.6.2022)

Comparison of Orch-OR hypothesis with the TGD point of view (21.6.2022)

How can the perception of quale have a finite duration? (30.5.2022)

Mysteries associated with lightnings, ball lightnings and the electrosphere of Earth (15.5.2022)

Delayed luminescence for microtubules,quantum gravitation, and the mechanism of anesthesia (21.4. 2022).

Jupiter's Moon Europa as candidate for a seat of life (20.4. 2022).

Gravitational fields of Earth and Sun and metabolism (19.4. 2022).

Metabolism involves also the gravitational field of Earth (17.4. 2022).

Quantum gravitation as an explanation for the different chemistries of living and inanimate matter (13.4. 2022).

Could quantum gravitation play a key role in the DNA metabolism and DNA replication and transcription? (12.4. 2022).

Quantum gravitational metabolism in contrast to the standard view about metabolism (11.4. 2022).

Objection against quantum gravitational metabolism(10.4. 2022).

Language of fungi(7.4. 2022).

Implications of the model of pre-nervous system to the basic biochemistry and model nerve pulse(7.4. 2022).

How animals without brain can behave as if they had brain?(4.4. 2022).

Could the metabolism of cilia and flagella rely on gravitationally dark electrons?(28.3. 2022).

Quantum gravitation in TGD inspired quantum biology(27.3. 2022).

What about prebiotic counterparts of tRNA and metabolic machinery?(24.3. 2022).

Which emerged first: proteins or RNA polymers or was it pre-tRNA?(19.3. 2022).

Molecular Signalling from the TGD Point of View(18.3. 2022).

TGD view about water memory and the notion of morphogenetic field(7.3. 2022).

Year 2019

Phase transitions generating dark phases and sensory perception

Year 2018

Mice in magnetic field

Interpretation of the experiments of Montagnier et al

What the view about magnetic body could mean at the level of DNA and other basic bio-molecules?

Could cancer be a disease of magnetic body? (21.11.2018)

Year 2017

Is dark DNA dark also in TGD sense? (28.8.2017)

Metabolic energy and negentropy and chemical qualia as number theoretical qualia? (7.2.2017)

Year 2016

Taos hum as remote metabolism? (26.10.2016)

Brain metabolic DNA as an indication for genomic R&D based on dark DNA (24.10.2016)

Comparing TGD view about quantum biology with McFadden's views (22.6.2016)

Is bio-catalysis a shadow of dark bio-catalysis based on generalization of genetic code? (22.6.2016)

Are sound-like bubbles whizzing around in DNA are essential to life? (22.6.2016)

Could dark DNA, RNA, tRNA and amino-acids correspond to different charge states of codons? (20.6.2016)

About physical representations of genetic code in terms of dark nuclear strings (18.6.2016)

Gut cells without mitochondria can survive: proof for the notion of remote metabolism? (16.5.2016)

Pollack's mechanism and photosynthesis (9.5.2016)

Confirmation of Santilli's detection of antimatter galaxies via a telescope with concave lenses: really? (2.5.2016)

TGD and Teslaphoresis (27.4.2016)

Qualia in Zero Energy Ontology (18.4.2016)

Year 2015

Direct evidence for dark DNA?! (5.10.2015)

Direct evidence for dark DNA?! (23.7.2015)

Year 2014

How are the visual percepts constructed? (22.11.2014)

Do electrons serve as nutrients? (18.7.2014)

Year 2013

Constant torque as a manner to force phase transition increasing the value of Planck constant (17.11.2013)

A general model for metabolism (24.10.2013)

About Concrete Realization of Remote Metabolism (4.7.2013)

"Applied biophysics of activated water" and the basic mechanism of water memory in TGD Universe(8.6.2013).

What is the mechanism of homeopathic healing?(4.6.2013).

Seeing without brain?(4.3.2013).

Year 2012

Latest view about water memory(2.5.2012).

Constraints on the fermionic realization of genetic code from the model for color qualia(27.4.2012).

Year 2011

About the notion of conscious hologram(27.12.2011).

Comparison of Maxwellian and TGD views about classical gauge fields(22.12.2011).

A quantum model for remote replication(11.6.2011).

How the arrow of geometric time is selected in TGD Universe?(26.4.2011).

Isotope effect of odor perception as an additional guideline to TGD inspired model of odor perception (17.2.2011)

DNA waves and water (16.1.2011)

Year 2010

The arrow of time and self referentiality of consciousness (27.12.2010)

A model for qualia and sensory receptors(12.4.2010)

Year 2009

New evidence for macroscopic quantum coherence in living matter(20.10.2009)

Free radicals, expanding Earth, water memory, and Cambrian revolution(10.7.2009)

Burning water, photo synthesis, and water memory (10.7.2009)

Burning water and photosynthesis (8.7.2009)

A model for chiral selection (5.7.2009)

Water electric as protocell? (2.7.2009)

Genes and homeopathy (29.6.2009).

Year 2008

Crying and screaming cells and magnetic bodies expressing their emotions (9.10.2008).

About the nature of time (16.9.2008).

Dark nuclear strings as analogs of DNA and amino-acid sequences and baryonic realization of genetic code (3.9.2008).

Could virtual DNAs allow a controlled development of the genome? (27.8.2008).

The experimental work of William Tiller about intentional imprinting of electronic devices (27.8.2008).

Local sidereal time, geomagnetic fluctuations, and remote mental interactions (27.8.2008).

A possible realization of water memory? (27.8.2008).

Year 2006

What really distinguishes between future and past? (8.9.2006).

Quantum Model for Priore's machine (7.8.2006).

Homeopathy in Many-Sheeted Space-Time (8.1.2006).

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