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p-Adic Length Scale Hypothesis

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Year 2022

W mass anomaly (10.4. 2022).

Year 2021

Neutrinos and TGD (31.10. 2021).

Anomalous anomalous magnetic moment of muon as breaking of lepton universality (14.4. 2021).

Can one regard leptons as effectively local 3-quark composites? (17.2. 2021).

Year 2020

Indications for an axion-like state in mass range 1.7 eV from XENON(19.6. 2020).

New particle not predicted by standard model discovered?(10.3. 2020).

Year 2019

But can one calculate anything?(31.8. 2019).

The recent view about SUSY in TGD Universe(30.8. 2019).

96 GeV bump (2019) as electroweak pseudoscalar predicted by TGD?(18.6. 2019)

SUSY in TGD Universe(18.6. 2019)

M8-H Duality and the Two Manners to Describe Particles(2.6. 2019)

Do Supertwistors Make Sense in TGD?(2.6. 2019)

Evidence for a new pseudo-vector particle?(25.3. 2019).

A new twist in proton spin crisis(17.3. 2019).

Aleph anomaly just refuses to disappear(17.3. 2019).

SUSY after LHC(5.3. 2019).

Year 2018

Still about quark gluon plasma and M89 physics(30.10. 2018)

TGD view about ANITA anomalous events(8.10. 2018)

New indications for the third generation of weak bosons(5.10. 2018)

How to describe family replication phenomenon gauge theoretically?(17.6. 2018)

Further evidence for the third generation of weak bosons(13.6. 2018)

LSND anomaly is here again! (4.6. 2018)

Strange spin asymmetry at RHIC(10.1. 2018)

Year 2017

Further support for second generation of electroweak bosons(5.12. 2017)

Encountering the inert neutrino once again(9.7. 2017)

Newest indications for dark M89 hadrons(14.5. 2017)

Anomalous J/Ψ production and TGD(11.5. 2017)

Phase transition from M107 hadron physics to M89 hadron physics as counterpart for de-confinement phase transition?(1.5. 2017)

Breaking of lepton universality seems to be real(23.4. 2017)

Getting even more quantitative about CP violation(21.4. 2017)

How the QFT-GRT limit of TGD differs from QFT and GRT?(18.4. 2017)

About parity violation in hadron physics(14.4. 2017)

Could second generation of weak bosons explain the reduction of proton charge radius?(14.3. 2017)

Two different lifetimes for neutron as evidence for dark protons(3.2. 2017)

Year 2016

Delicacies of the induced spinor structure and SUSY mystery(6.12.2016)

Muon surplus in high energy cosmic ray showers as an indication for new hadron physics(10.11.2016)

Critizing the view about elementary particles(8.11.2016)

Toponium at 30.4 GeV?(23.10.2016)

Still about induced spinor fields and TGD counterpart for Higgs(9.10.2016)

Misbehaving b-quarks and the magnetic body of proton (10.8.2016)

Is the new physics really so elementary as believed? (7.8.2016)

Nothing new at LHC? (5.8.2016)

CKM mixing in leptonic sector? (1.8.2016)

Evidence for M89 ρ or ω (29.3.2016)

Direct evidence for Z' a la TGD and M89 J/Psi (25.3.2016)

Year 2015

New indications for the new physics predicted by TGD (18.12.2015)

Could leptoquarks be squarks in TGD sense? (29.11.2015)

Indications for the breaking of lepton universality from higher generations of weak bosons (7.9.2015)

Indication for a scaled variant of Z boson(4.9.2015)

Does color deconfinement really occur?(23.8.2015)

Could MG,79 hadron physics be seen at LHC?(21.7.2015)

Criticality of Higgs: is Planck length dogmatics physically feasible?(24.6.2015)

Have lepto-quarks been observed in the decays of B mesons?(27.1.2015)

What could be the TGD counterpart of SUSY(26.1.2015)

Some comments about τ-μ anomaly of Higgs decays and anomalies of B meson decays (22.1.2015)

Year 2014

Large parity breaking effects at RHIC? (2.11.2014)

Higgs and p-adic mass calculations (25.7.2014)

Experimental evidence for sterile neutrino? (20.02.2014)

Year 2013

New results from PHENIX concerning quark gluon plasma (11.12.2013)

Has IceCube detected neutrinos coming from decays of p-adically scaled up copies of weak bosons?

(17.9. 2013).

AMS results about dark matter(5.4. 2013).

3 sigma evidence for kaons of M89 hadron physics?(13.3. 2013).

Right-handed neutrino as inert neutrino?(21.1. 2013).

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