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Physics in Many-Sheeted Space-Time: Part I

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Year 2022

Are space-time boundaries possible in the TGD framework? (21.9. 2022).

The effects of Cambrian Explosion in deep mantle: TGD point of view(9.2. 2022).

Year 2021

Could superionic phase of water give rise to planetary super-conductivity and Meissner effect?(21.11. 2021).

Has venus turned itself inside-out and why its magnetic field vanishes?(12.8. 2021).

Huge fluctuations in oxygen concentration during Cambrian Explosion and Expanding Earth model(8.8. 2021).

Updated version of Expanding Earth model(13.5. 2021).

Three alternative generalizations of Nottale's hypothesis in TGD framework(1.4. 2021).

Year 2020

Fast radio wave bursts: is life a cosmic fractal?(11.8. 2020).

Can TGD predict the value of Newton's constant?(6.4. 2020).

No continents before Cambrian Explosion(4.2. 2020).

Still about the topology of elementary particles and hadrons(21.1. 2020).

Correlation between earthquakes and volcanic eruptions with the spin dynamics of Earth (6.1.2020)

Year 2019

High levels of methane and oxygen detected in Mars (14.11.2019)

What smoothed out Earth's surface for 600 million years ago - or was it already smooth? (19.10.2019)

Earhquakes and volcanic eruptions as macroscopic quantum jumps in zero energy ontology (10.10.2019)

Does Mars have intramartial life? (1.10.2019)

Fluctuations of Newton's constant in sub-millimeter scales as evidence for TGD(24.4. 2019).

Why is intergalactic gas ionized?(26.3. 2019).

Could 160 minute oscillation affecting Galaxies and the Solar System correspond to cosmic "alpha rhythm"?(19.3. 2019).

About TGD counterparts of classical field configurations in Maxwell's theory(21.1. 2019).

Cosmological Axis of Evil as memory from primordial period of cosmology(8.1.2019)

Solution of renormalization group equation for flux tubes having minimum string tension and RG evolution in terms of Riemann zeta(2.1.2019)

Reduction of coupling constant evolution to that of cosmological constant(1.1.2019)

Year 2018

Intelligent blackholes (13.12.2018)

What does one really mean with gravitational Planck constant? (6.12.2018)

TGD view about quasars (6.12.2018)

Is it possible to determine experimentally whether gravitation is quantal interaction? (17.9.2018)

Did LIGO observe non-standard value of G and are galactic blackholes really supermassive? (11.9.2018)

Galois groups and genes (4.9.2018)

Is the hierarchy of Planck constants behind the reported variation of Newton's constant? (3.9.2018)

How could Planck length be actually equal to much larger CP2 radius?! (23.8.2018)

Large scale fluctuations in metagalactic ionizing background for redhsift six (20.8.2018)

Conformal cyclic cosmology of Penrose and zero energy ontology based cosmology (17.8.2018)

About the physical interpretation of the velocity parameter in the formula for the gravitational Planck constant (8.8.2018)

Solution of Hubble constant discrepancy from the length scale dependence of cosmological constant(15.7. 2018)

CBM cold spot as problem of the inflationary cosmology (25.4. 2018)

Did you think that star formation is understood? (17.4. 2018)

Five new strange effects associated with galaxies (16.3. 2018)

TGD based explanation for why the rotation periods of galaxies are same (14.3. 2018)

Strange finding about galactic halo as a possible further support for TGD based model of galaxies (13.3. 2018)

Dark matter and 21-cm line of hydrogen (12.3. 2018)

Low surface brightness galaxies as additional support for pearls-in-necklace model for galaxies (23.2. 2018)

A further blow against halo dark matter paradigm (3.2. 2018)

Year 2017

LIGO: no gravitational radiation from cosmic strings (11.12. 2017)

Death blow to dark matter disks(22.11. 2017)

Long range magnetic fields detected at distance of 5 billion light years(22.11. 2017)

Some comments about GW170817(22.10. 2017)

Are stars born in pairs(16.6. 2017)

New view about blackhole like objects and galaxy formation(11.6. 2017)

Third gravitational wave detection by LIGO collaboration(3.6. 2017)

TGD view about universal galactic rotation curves for spiral galaxies(30.5. 2017)

Galactic blackholes as a test for TGD view about formation of galaxies?(14.5. 2017)

Getting even more quantitative about CP violation(21.4. 2017)

Breaking of CP, P, and T in cosmological scales in TGD Universe(21.4.2017)

Further support for TGD view about galactic dark matter(21.1.2017)

Velocity curves of galaxies decline in the early Universe(21.1.2017)

What about actual realization of Lorentz invariant synchronization?(14.1.2017)

Is Lorentz invariant synchronization of clocks possible?(14.1.2017)

Bullet cluster, cold dark matter, and MOND(8.1.2017)

Questions about TGD(7.1.2017)

Year 2016

Antimatter as dark matter?(20.12.2016)

Minimal surface cosmology(12.12.2016)

LIGO blackhole anomaly and minimal surface model for star(12.12.2016)

Minimal surface counterpart of Reissner-Nordstöm solution(11.12.2016)

How to build TGD space-time from legos?(6.12.2016)

Can one apply Occam's razor as a general purpose debunking argument to TGD?(6.12.2016)

Emergent gravity and dark Universe(11.11. 2016).

Is inflation theory simply wrong?(28.10. 2016).

TGD interpretation for the new discovery about galactic dark matter(28.9. 2016).

Does GW150914 force to modify the views about the formation of binary blackhole systems?(11.9. 2016).

Is Dragonfly a "failed" galaxy?(26.8. 2016).

Does GRT really allow gravitational radiation?(23.8. 2016).

Cosmic redshift but no expansion of receding objects: one further piece of evidence for TGD cosmology(6.8. 2016).

The new findings about the structure of Milky from TGD viewpoint(3.8. 2016).

Blackholes do not absorb dark matter so fast as they should(28.7. 2016).

The problem of two Hubble constants persists(28.7. 2016).

Gravitational Waves from Black Hole Megamergers Are Weaker Than Predicted(2.5. 2016).

Correlated Triangles and Polygons in Standard Cosmology and in TGD(25.4. 2016).

Cyclic cosmology from TGD perspective(16.3. 2016).

A gamma ray pulse was detected .4 seconds after the LIGO merger: what could this mean?(21.2. 2016).

LIGO and TGD(19.2. 2016).

Year 2015

Quantum fluctuations in geometry as a new kind of noise(7.12. 2015).

About congruence subgroups21.7. 2015).

Does the rate of cosmic expansion oscillate?(1.7. 2015).

Variation of Newton's constant and of length of day(25.4. 2015).

Planck 2013 bounds for cosmic string tension(7.2. 2015).

Further progress in the understanding of dark matter and energy in TGD framework(13.1. 2015).

Year 2014

Pioneer and Flyby anomalies almost decade later(28.12. 2014).

SagittariusA and many-sheeted space-time(20.11. 2014).

SN1987A and many-sheeted space-time(30.6. 2014).

Further progress concerning the relationship between TGD and GRT and Kähler-Dirac action(26.5. 2014).

Still about TGD and inflation(8.4. 2014).

Quantum critical cosmology of TGD predicts also very fast expansion(29.3. 2014).

Could TGD allow inflationary cosmology?(28.3. 2014).

BICEP2 might have detected gravitational radiation(18.3. 2014).

Year 2013

About the notion of four-momentum in TGD framework?(23.12. 2013).

What are the counterparts of Einstein's equations in TGD?(11.3. 2013).

Matter-antimatter asymmetry, baryo-genesis, lepto-genesis, and TGD(9.2. 2013).

Year 2012

Could correlation functions, S-matrix, and coupling constant evolution be coded the statistical properties of preferred extremals?(10.12. 2012).

Do blackholes and Hawking evaporation have TGD counterparts?(2.11. 2012).

Could hyperbolic 3-manifolds and hyperbolic lattices be relevant in zero energy ontology?(11.10. 2012).

Do galaxies have preferred handedness?(1. 9. 2012).

About deformations of known extremals of Kähler action(10. 6. 2012).

What small deformations of CP2 type vacuum extremals could be?(7. 6. 2012).

Does thermodynamics have a representation at the level of space-time geometry?(28. 5. 2012).

Three blows against standard view about dark matter(4. 5. 2012).

Icarus refutes Opera(16. 2. 2012).

Tachyonic models for neutrino superluminality killed(6. 1. 2012).

The basic objection against TGD(2. 1. 2012).

Could the measurements trying to detect absolute motion of Earth allow to test sub-manifold gravity?(1. 1. 2012).

Year 2011

About the notion of conscious hologram(27.12.2011).

Comparison of Maxwellian and TGD views about classical gauge fields(22.12.2011).

Inflation and TGD(30.11.2011).

The origin of cosmic rays(26.11.2011).

Cold dark matter in difficulties(19.10.2011).

ICARUS refutes OPERA: really?(19.10.2011).

Why neutrinos propagate faster in short length scales?(4.10.2011).

Cosmic evolution as transformation of dark energy to matter(2.10.2011).

Do we really understand the solar system?(29.9.2011).

Are neutrinos superluminal?(26.9.2011).

Could TGD be an integrable theory?(11.9.2011).

Entropic gravity in difficulties?(1.9.2011).

An attempt to understand preferred extremals of Kähler action(27.8.2011).

Possible role of Beltrami flows and symplectic invariance in the description of gauge and gravitational interactions(6.6.2011).

MOND and TGD(23.5.2011).

Entropic gravity in TGD framework(23.4.2011).

Can graviton have mass?(23.3.2011).

The challenge of six planets(4.2.2011).

Year 2010

Quark gluon plasma which does not behave as it should(22.9.2010).

New information about the distribution of galactic dark matter (8.1.2010)

Year 2009

Mickelson-Morley experiment revisited (21.12.2009)

Expanding Earth Model and Pre-Cambrian Evolution of Continents, Climate, and Life (3.12.2009)

A new cosmological finding challenging General Relativity(13.10.2009)

Zero energy ontology and quantum version of Robertson-Walker cosmology(7.10.2009)

A new dark matter anomaly (2.10.2009)

In what sense speed of light could be changing in solar system?(11.8.2009)

Einstein's equations and second variation of volume element(18.1.2009)

Quantum fluctuations in geometry as a new kind of noise?(18.1.2009)

Year 2008

Anyonic view about black holes(16.12.2008)

Revised vision about quantum astrophysics(15.12.2008)

Flyby anomaly as relativistic transverse Doppler effect?(26.9.2008)

About the anomalies of the fluctuation spectrum of Cosmic Microwave Background(12.6.2008)

From Equivalence Principle to Zero Energy Ontology(7.5.2008)

The mystery of mini galaxies and the hierarchy of Planck constants(24.4.2008)

Dark matter based model for Flyby anomaly(6.3.2008)

Year 2007

Does TGD allow description of accelerated expansion in terms of cosmological constant?(25.12.2007)

Two stellar components in the halo of Milky Way (23.12.2007)

Experimental evidence for accelerated expansion is consistent with TGD based model (19.12.2007)

Quantum version of Expanding Earth theory (6.11.2007)

Shrinking kilogram (16.10.2007)

Evidence for many-sheeted space-time from gamma ray flares (27.8.2007)

Allais effect as evidence for large values of gravitational Planck constant? (25.8.2007)

Maxwell hydrodynamics as toy model for TGD (4.8.2007)

Allais effect and TGD (30.7.2007)

Updated TGD Inspired Cosmology (24.7.2007)

Matter-antimatter asymmetry and cosmic strings (24.7.2007)

Updated The Relationship Between TGD and GRT (24.7.2007)

Updated Cosmic Strings (21.7.2007)

A new anomaly in Cosmic Microwave Background (15.6.2007)

General View About Physics in Many-Sheeted Space-Time: Part I,II (14.6.2007)

Blackhole production at LHC and replacement of ordinary blackholes with super-canonical blackholes (9.6.2007)

Schwartschild horizon for a rotating blackhole like object as a 3-D light-like surface defining wormhole throat (25.5.2007)

Quantum chaos in astrophysical length scales? (25.5.2007)

Basic objections against planetary Bohr orbitology (25.5.2007)

A simple quantum model for the formation of astrophysical structures (25.5.2007)

NASA Hubble Space Telescope Detects Ring of Dark Matter (16.5.2007)

Gravitational radiation and large value of gravitational Planck constant (25.4.2007)

Gravity Probe B and TGD (14.4.2007)

Machian Principle and TGD (29.3.2007)

Year 2006

About the interpretation of the parameter v0 (27.10.2006)

Orbital radii of exoplanets and Bohr quantization of planetary orbits (22.10.2006)

Dark matter based model for Pioneer and flyby anomalies (24.8.2006)

New Results in Planetary Bohr Orbitology (10.5.2006)

Higgs particle as wormhole contact and weakened form of Equivalence Principle (1.4.2006).

Empirical evidence for the p-adic evolution of cosmological constant? (12.1.2006).

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