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TGD and EEG?

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Year 2022

Evidence for quantum brain (31.10.2022)

Shocking support for the quantum brain in TGD sense (24.10.2022)

Invisible magnetic fields as a support for the notion of monopole flux tube (23.9.2022)

DMT experiences and hyperbolic geometry (7.5.2022)

Quantum Statistical Brain (26.1.2022)

Year 2022

Are we living in past? (9.2.2022)

Year 2021

About TGD view of neuron (17.11.2021)

EEG and the structure of magnetosphere (10.4.2021)

Year 2020

TGD interpretation of new experimental results about the mechanism of anesthesia (11.6.2020)

50 Hz electric oscillation wakes up brain (17.2.2020)

Year 2019

The implications of TGD view about magnetic fiels for superconductivity (14.10.2019)

Zero energy ontology and quantum model for nerve pulse (7.8.2019)

Solar surprise (6.5.2019)

Three findings about memory recall and TGD based view about memory retrieval (13.3.2019)

Year 2018

Are basic biochemical processes induced by topological quantum computer programs running in non-standard time direction? (18.12.2018)

TGD based model for sensory long term memories (17.12.2018)

Sensory perception and motor action as time reversals of each other: a royal road to the understanding of other minds? (14.11.2018)

Your eyes are the mirrors of my soul! (8.6.2018)

Revolution in neuroscience: Hebb's rules updated? (1.4.2018)

Rydberg polarons as a support for TGD view about space-time (29.3.2018)

TGD based model for graphene superconductivity (22.3.2018)

Could Posner molecule realize genetic code? (9.3.2018)

New observations about Posner molecules and ATP (25.12.2018)

How did language emerge? (1.2.2018)

Does the action of anesthetes prevent the formation of cognitive mental images? (12.1.2018)

Year 2017

DMT, pineal gland, and the new view about sensory perception,dreams/hallucinations, and imagination (22.12.2017)

Why metabolism and what happens in bio-catalysis? (2.2.2017)

Year 2016

How the transition to superconductive state could be induced by classical radiation? (27.12.2016)

Taos hum as remote metabolism? (26.12.2016)

Room temperature superconductivity for alkanes (26.12. 2016).

Bio-catalysis, morphogenesis by generalized Chladni mechanism, and bio-harmonies (21.12. 2016).

Induction coils in many-sheeted space-time (9.11. 2016).

Are lithium, phosphate, and Posner molecule fundamental for quantum biology? (7.11. 2016).

Could Chladni mechanism allow to realize morphogenesis? (2.11. 2016).

What could be the physical origin of Pythagorean scale? (27.10. 2016).

Anesthetes again (24.10. 2016).

Could Pollack effect make cell membrane a self-loading battery? (22.9. 2016).

New findings about high-temperature super-conductors (19.8. 2016).

Indication for high Tc superconductivity at 373 K with heff/h=2 (26.4. 2016).

About high Tc superconductivity and other exotic conductivities (29.2. 2016).

Nematics and superconductors (7.2. 2016).

E8 symmetry, harmony, and genetic code(17.1. 2016)

Lithium and brain(13.1. 2016)

Magnetic body, bio-harmonies and epigenetics(8.1. 2016)

Year 2015

Is non-associative physics and language possible only in many-sheeted space-time?(13.12. 2015).

Does also low Tc superconductivity rely on magnetic flux tubes in TGD Universe?(14.8. 2015).

What music can teach about consciousness?(16.7. 2015).

A new control mechanism of TGD inspired quantum biology(8.7. 2015).

Does the physics of SmB6 make the fundamental dynamics of TGD directly visible?(6.7. 2015).

Aromatic rings as the lowest level in the molecular self hierarchy?(6.5. 2015).

TGD based model for anesthetic action(6.5. 2015)

Quantitative model of high Tc super-conductivity and bio-super-conductivity(4.5. 2015)

Year 2014

Harmony, music, and religious myths(18.11.2014).

Genes, music and icosahedron (and tetrahedron too!)(13.11.2014).

Geometric theory of harmony(29.10.2014).

Does DNA understand speech or should you sing to it?(11.7.2014).

Pythagoras, music, sacred geometry, and genetic code(4.7.2014).

Gravitational Mother Gaia and life(29.5.2014).

Implications of strong gravimagnetism for TGD inspired quantum biology(25.5.2014).

Possible implications of Pollack's findings for pre-biotic life in TGD Universe(2.5.2014).

What is EEG made of? (12.4.2014)

Year 2011

Persinger's work with God helmet: TGD inspired interpretation (29.12.2011)

Persinger's work with God helmet (29.12.2011)

TGD Based View about Classical Fields in Relation to Consciousness Theory and Quantum Biology (28.12.2011)

Year 2010

EEG synchrony and negentropic entanglement (10.3.2010)

Year 2009

Free radicals, expanding Earth, water memory, and Cambrian revolution(10.7.2009)

Burning water, photo synthesis, and water memory (10.7.2009)

Burning water and photosynthesis (8.7.2009)

A model for chiral selection (5.7.2009)

Water electric as protocell? (2.7.2009)

Genes and homeopathy (29.6.2009).

Year 2008

Cell as gel and the model of nerve pulse (9.6.2008)

Quantum model of nerve pulse VI: Deducing the presence and basic properties of dark matter from the strange behavior or cell membrane (21.2.2008)

Quantum model of nerve pulse V: Summary (20.2.2008)

Quantum model of nerve pulse IV: Could microtubule-axon system perform topological quantum computation? (15.2.2008)

Quantum model of nerve pulse III: Relation to Hodgkin-Huxley model (15.2.2008)

Quantum model of nerve pulse II: Basic inputs of TGD based model of nerve pulse (15.2.2008)

Quantum model of nerve pulse I: Soliton model of nerve pulse (15.2.2008)

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