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Physics as Infinite-Dimensional Geometry

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Year 2022

Are space-time boundaries possible in the TGD framework? (21.9. 2022).

Homology of "world of classical worlds" in relation to Floer homology and quantum homology (14.2. 2022).

Year 2021

Zero energy states as scattering amplitudes and subjective time evolution as sequence of SSFRs(13.3. 2021).

Still one question about M8-H duality(11.3. 2021).

Is analysis as cognitive process analogous to scattering?(26.2. 2021).

Is M8-H duality consistent with Fourier analysis at the level of M4× CP2?(25.2. 2021).

Year 2020

Breakthrough in the understanding of M8-H duality6.12. 2020).

Three basic pillars of new quantum theory provided by TGD2.12. 2020).

Could Kähler metric replace unitary S-matrix?(30.11. 2020).

Year 2019

Could metaplectic group has some role in TGD framework?(18.7. 2019).

Twistor lift of TGD and WCW geometry(1.5. 2019).

Does 4-D action generate lower-dimensional terms dynamically?(19.1. 2019).

About TGD counterparts of classical field configurations in Maxwell's theory(21.1. 2019).

Year 2017

Generalization of Riemann zeta to Dedekind zeta and adelic physics?(16.7. 2017).

Are Preferred Extremals Quaternion-Analytic in Some Sense?(25.6. 2017).

Why would primes near powers of two (or small primes) be important?(9.4. 2017).

heff/h=n hypothesis and Galois group(9.4. 2017).

What could be the role of complexity theory in TGD?(8.4. 2017).

Progress in adelic physics(25.1. 2017).

About some unclear issues of TGD(1.4.2017)

Year 2016

Still about induced spinor fields and TGD counterpart for Higgs(9.10.2016)

p-Adicizable discrete variants of classical Lie groups and coset spaces in TGD framework(14.5. 2016).

Year 2015

Why the non-trivial zeros of Riemann zeta should reside at critical line?(27.11. 2015).

Field equations as conservation laws, Frobenius integrability conditions, and a connection with quaternion analyticity(25.8. 2015).

Could one define dynamical homotopy groups in WCW?(20.8. 2015).

More about physical interpretation of algebraic extensions of rationals(19.5. 2015).

What could be the origin of the p-adic length scale hypothesis?(30.4. 2015).

What is the origin of the preferred p-adic primes?(29.4. 2015).

Classical number fields and associativity and commutativity as fundamental law of physics(14.3.2015)

Is the formation of gravitational bound states impossible in superstring models?(8.3.2015)

Updated view about Kähler geometry of WCW(8.3.2015)

Surface area as geometric representation of entanglement entropy?(7.2.2015)

The vanishing of conformal charges as a gauge conditions selecting preferred extremals of Kähler action(19.11.2015)

Year 2014

Higgs and p-adic mass calculations (25.7.2014)

General ideas about octonions, quaternions, and twistors(1.2. 2014).

Recent View about Kähler Geometry and Spin Structure of "World of Classical Worlds"(13.1. 2014).

Year 2012

Could N=2 or N=4 SUSY have something to do with TGD?(31.12. 2012).

Scattering amplitudes and positive Grassmannian(31.12. 2012).

Is there a connection between preferred extremals and AdS4/CFT correspondence?(11.12. 2012).

Could correlation functions, S-matrix, and coupling constant evolution be coded the statistical properties of preferred extremals?(10.12. 2012).

Preferred extremals of Kähler action as manifolds with constant Ricci scalar whose geometric invariants are topological invariants(5.12.2012).

Electron as a trefoil or something more general?(28.8.2012).

Realization of large N SUSY in TGD(23.8.2012).

M8-H duality, preferred extremals, criticality, and Mandelbrot fractals(15.8.2012).

The analog of AdS5 duality in TGD framework (31.7.2012)

Twistor revolution and TGD (31.7.2012)

About the definition of Hamilton-Jacobi structure (28.7.2012)

The importance of being light-like (27.7.2012)

Quantum criticality and electro-weak gauge symmetries (26.7.2012)

Constraints on super-conformal invariance from p-adic mass calculations and ZEO (17.7.2012)

The role of the right-handed neutrino in TGD based view about SUSY (16.7.2012)

The emergence of Yangian symmetry and gauge potentials as duals of Kac-Moody currents (16.7.2012)

The recent vision about preferred extremals and solutions of the modified Dirac equation (15.7.2012)

How quaternionicity of space-time could be consistent with Hermitian/Hamilton-Jacobi structure? (9.7.2012)

The recent vision about preferred extremals and solutions of the modified Dirac equation (9.7.2012)

Under what conditions electric charge is conserved for the modified Dirac equation? (6.7.2012)

What could be the counterpart of T-duality in TGD framework? (8.4.2012)

Year 2011

Algebraic braids, sub-manifold braid theory, and generalized Feynman diagrams(20.11.2011).

Is Kähler action expressible in terms of areas of minimal surfaces?(19.10.2011).

Weak form of electric magnetic duality and duality between Minkowskian and Euclidian space-time regions(20.2.2011).

Is the effective metric defined by modified gamma matrices effectively one- or two-dimensional?(20.2.2011).

Witten's physical view about Khovanov homology translated to TGD framework(20.1.2011).

Could one generalize braid invariant defined by vacuum expectation of Wilson loop to an invariant of braid cobordisms and of 2-knots?(10.1.2011).

Year 2010

Low viscosity liquids and preferred extremals of Kähler action as perfect fluid flows(16.12.2010).

Could the notion of hyper-determinant be useful in TGD framework?(5.9.2010).

Considerable progress in generalized Feynman diagrammatics(23.5.2010).

How to perform WCW integrations in generalized Feynman diagrams?(21.5.2010).

Weak form of electric-magnetic duality, particle concept, and Feynman diagrammatics (10.5.2010).

Entropic gravity and TGD(25.1.2010)

Year 2009

Octonionic approach to the modified Dirac equation (10.10.2009)

What are the basic equations of quantum TGD?(30.9.2009)

Handful of problems with a common resolution(20.9.2009)

The recent view about the construction of configuration space spinor structure(19.1.2009)

Year 2008

How quantum classical correspondence is realized at parton level? (9.2.2008)

How p-adic coupling constant evolution and p-adic length scale hypothesis emerge from quantum TGD proper? (7.2.2008)

Year 2007

Connes tensor product and perturbative expansion in terms of generalized braid diagrams (22.10.2007)

Number theoretic braids and global view about anti-commutations of induced spinor fields (22.10.2007)

Geometric view about Higgs mechanism (7.10.2007)

Witten's new ideas about 1+2 -dimensional quantum gravity (7.5.2007)

Year 2006

Quantization of the modified Dirac action (1.10.2006)

Absolute extremum property for Kähler action implies dynamical Kac-Moody and super conformal symmetries (22.8.2006)

Zeros of Riemann Zeta as conformal weights, braids, Jones inclusions, and number theoretical universality of quantum TGD (19.8.2006)

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