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Year 2022

Mysteries associated with lightnings, ball lightnings and the electrosphere of Earth (15.5.2022)

Year 2021

Some questions concerning Zero Energy Ontology (10.6. 2021).

A chordate able to regrow all of its organs if dissected into three pieces (31.5. 2021).

Year 2020

How the life cycle of self could corresponds to a transition to chaos as iteration of polynomial? (9.6. 2020).

Rejuvenation and zero energy ontology (12.5. 2020).

When does "big" state function reduction as universal death and re-incarnation with reversed arrow of time take place? (5.5. 2020).

About the description of rotating magnetic systems in zero energy ontology (ZEO) (14.4.2020)

Three variants of dark genetic code and an objection against bio-harmony (20.2.2020)

New results about dark DNA inspired by the model for remote DNA replication (20.2.2020)

Still about quantum measurement theory in ZEO(24.12. 2020).

A model for protocells based on Pollack effect(8.1. 2020).

Year 2019

The emergence of human brain like functions in neuromorphic metallic nanowire network(27.12. 2019).

A possible paradox related to zero energy ontology(23.12. 2019).

TGD inspired model for magneto-reception and circadian rhythm(19.12. 2019).

Darwinian or neutral theory of evolution or something else?(29.11. 2019).

The relationship between p-adic time and discrete flow of geometric time defined by quantum jumps(26.11. 2019).

Some comments related to Zero Energy Ontology (ZEO)(18.10. 2019).

Some applications of TGD inspired quantum biology: bio-catalysis, selection of bio-molecules, and remote metabolism(6.10. 2019)

Do hydrogels learn in presence of irradiation and heating?(4.9. 2019)

Do hydrogels learn in presence of irradiation and heating?(4.9. 2019)

Libet's paradoxical findings and strange findings about state function reduction in atomic scales(7.7. 2019)

Copenhagen interpretation dead: long live ZEO based quantum measurement theory(5.6. 2019)

M8-H Duality and Consciousness(2.6. 2019)

Year 2018

Increase of the dimension of extension of rationals as the emergence of a reflective level of consciousness? (15.10.2018)

Are toric Hamiltonian cycles consistent with genetic code? (29.9.2018)

Can one imagine a modification of bio-harmony? (26.9.2018)

Dark valence electrons, dark photons, bio-photons, and carcinogens (30.8.2018)

Could also RNA and protein methylation be involved with expression molecular emotions? (12.8.2018)

How life began? (31.7.2018)

TGD approach to the hen-or-egg problems of biology (30.7.2018)

Homeostasis in zero energy ontology (29.7.2018)

Which came first: genes or metabolism? (29.7.2018)

How does brain predict future? (11.7.2018)

How do slime molds learn? (12.7.2018)

Two different values for the metallicity of Sun and heating of solar corona: two puzzles with a common solution? (8.7.2018)

Morphogenesis in astrophysical scales? (7.7.2018)

Morphogenesis in TGD Universe (6.7.2018)

Getting philosophical: some comments about the problems of physics, neuroscience, and biology (5.7.2018)

Geometric theory of bio-harmony (11.6.2018)

Did RNA replicate in codon-wise manner during RNA era? (3.6.2018)

Dark valence electrons and color vision (24.5.2018)

Does RNA code for pain? (17.5.2018)

The experiments of Masaru Emoto with emotional imprinting of water (9.5.2018)

How molecules in cells "find" one another and organize into structures? (17.4.2018)

Is time reversal involved with Pollack effect? (22.2.2018)

Dance of the honeybee and New Physics(20.2.2018)

How brain selectively remembers new places?(3.2.2018)

Getting memories by eating those who already have them(27.1.2018)

Emotions as sensory percepts about the state of magnetic body?(27.1.2018)

What could idiot savants teach to us about Natural Intelligence?(5.1.2018)

Artificial Intelligence, Natural Intelligence, and TGD(4.1.2018)

Year 2017

Why Alzheimer does not destroy some aspects of consciousness?(27.12.2017)

Is it possible to reverse Alzheimer's disease?(26.12.2017)

The mystery of DMT(13.12.2017)

Experimental support for the relative arrow of time(7.12.2017)

Model for the RNA era(6.12.2017)

About a model for the control of biological body by magnetic body(5.12.2017)

A system of particles able to self-assemble and self-heal in presence of acoustic wave(24.11.2017)

Consciousness is more like sequence of flashes than continuous stream(22.11.2017)

Life-like properties observed in a very simple system(17.11.2017)

About the double-slit experiment of Dean Radin(9.3.2017)

NMP and self(30.1.2016)

Are all quantum jumps measurements of density matrix?(30.1.2016)

Adelic physics, imagination, and dark matter(30.1.2017)

Why metabolism is needed?(30.1.2017)

What happens in bio-catalysis?(30.1.2017)

Symplectic structure for M4, CP breaking, matter-antimatter asymmetry, and electroweak symmetry breaking(25.1.2017)

Year 2016

Non-commutative imbedding space and strong form of holography(30.12.2016)

Brain and Mersenne integers(29.11. 2016).

Do conscious entities with different time arrows interact? (23.11.2016)

The anomalies in rotating magnetic systems as a key to the understanding of morphogenesis? (18.11.2016)

Can quantum biology really do without new physics? (5.11.2016)

p-Adic physics as physics of cognition and imagination and counterparts of recursive functions (4.10.2016)

Life and Death and Consciousness (24.8. 2016).

Why deep learning neutral networks are so effective? (12.9.2016)

Biophotons and intelligence (28.7.2016)

Details related to adelic NMP (10.7.2016)

Magnetic body, biophotons, and prediction of scaled variant of EEG (28.6.2016)

Non-locality in quantum theory, in biology and neuroscience, and in remote mental interactions: TGD perspective (19.6.2016)

Gut cells without mitochondria can survive: proof for the notion of remote metabolism? (16.5.2016)

Evidence for the notion of magnetic body from brain synchrony without corpus callosum (16.5.2016)

Confirmation of Santilli's detection of antimatter galaxies via a telescope with concave lenses: really? (2.5.2016)

TGD and Teslaphoresis (27.4.2016)

TGD Inspired Comments about Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness (15.4.2016)

Chi Energy - master gets animals to sleep (4.3.2016)

Year 2015

Direct evidence for dark DNA?! (5.10.2015)

Psychedelic induced experiences as key to the understanding of the connection between magnetic body and information molecules? (15.9.2015).

Direct evidence for dark DNA?! (23.7.2015)

Year 2014

New developments in TGD inspired model of EZ

TGD inspired model for the formation of exclusion zones from coherence regions (26.12.2014)

How bio-polymers were associated with their dark counterparts? (12.12.2014)

More precise view about remote DNA replication (2.9.2014)

Has the decay of dark photons to visible photons observed in cosmological scales?(18.7.2014).

Possible implications of Pollack's findings for pre-biotic life in TGD Universe(28.4.2014).

Pollack's findings about fourth phase of water(10.3.2014).

Morphogenesis, morphostasis, and learning in TGD framework(5.3.2014).

Orch-Or theory of Penrose and Hameroff and new experimental findings about microtubules(21.1.2014).

Year 2013

Meditation, Mind-Body Medicine and Placebo: TGD point of view(4.12.2013).

Psychedelics induced experiences and magnetic body(29.11.2013).

Seth Lloyd on quantum life(29.11.2013).

Preconscious mechanism of hypnotically altered colors(24.8.2013).

Hypnosis as remote mental interaction(24.5.2013).

Some critical questions concerning Maya and Akashic records(14.5.2013).

How to construct Akashic records and read them?(13.5.2013).

Are dark photons behind biophotons?(8.5.2013).

Comparison of TGD Inspired Theory of Consciousness with Some Other Theories of Consciousness(5.5.2013).

Comments on the recent experiments by the group of Michael Persinger(15.2.2013).

Year 2012

Two attempts to understand PK(4.10.2012).

Metabolic energy, ATP, and negentropic entanglement(30.6.2012).

What is the role of magnetic body in DNA replication,mitosis, meiosis, and fertilization?(30.6.2012).

DNA, speech, music, and ordinary sound(19.6.2012).

A model for remote gene expression(3.6.2012).

Negentropic entanglement, metabolism, and acupuncture(30.5.2012).

New book about consciousness, biology, and remote mental interactions (30.5.2012).

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