Articles about TGD (2002-2007)
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The list gives examples of the work in TGD carried out since 2002: articles are in form of pdf files. My hope is that they could give intuitive overall view about the development of TGD which has involved also the unavoidable side tracks. Newest articles are at the top and left.
Further Progress in Nuclear String Hypothesis
Allais Effect and TGD (August 1, 2007)
About Some Unsolved Problems in Physics
Very Special Relativity and TGD (January 22, 2007)
About infinite primes, points of the world of classical worlds, and configuration space spinor fields (January 10, 2007)
Could Local Zeta Functions Take the
Role of Riemann Zeta in TGD Framework? (January 10, 2007)
Gravitational Schr�dinger equation as a quantum model for the formation of astrophysical structures and dark matter?
Gerbes and TGD (August 14, 2004)
A New Twist in the Spin Puzzle of Proton(August 3, 2004)
Does the Modified Dirac Action Define the Fundamental Action Principle in TGD?(August 14, 2004).
TGD and M-Theory(August 30, 2004)
Explanation of super-luminal velocities in terms of remote metabolism
Double Slit Experiment and Classical Non-Determinism (July 25, 2004)
p-Adic numbers and TGD
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