1. Introduction

    1. Development of the idea about M8-H duality

    2. Critical re-examination of the notion

  2. The situation before the cold shower

    1. Can one deduce the partonic picture from M8-H duality?

    2. What happens at the "very special moments in the life of self"?

    3. What does SH mean and its it really needed?

    4. Questions related to partonic 2-surfaces

  3. Challenging M8-H duality

    1. Explicit form of the octonionic polynomial

    2. Is (co-)associativity possible?

    3. Octonionic Dirac equation and co-associativity

    4. How to realize periodic functions at the level of M4× CP2?

  4. Can one construct scattering amplitudes also at the level of M8?

    1. Intuitive picture

    2. How do the algebraic geometry in M8 and the sub-manifold geometry in H relate?

    3. Quantization of octonionic spinors

    4. Does M8-H duality relate momentum space and space-time representations of scattering amplitudes?

    5. Is the decomposition to propagators and vertices needed?

    6. Does the condition that momenta belong to cognitive representations make scattering amplitudes trivial?

    7. Momentum conservation and on-mass-shell conditions for cognitive representations

  5. Symmetries in M8 picture

    1. Standard model symmetries

    2. How the Yangian symmetry could emerge in TGD?

  6. Conclusions

    1. Co-associativity is the only viable option

    2. The input from octonionic Dirac equation

    3. How the new picture differs from the earlier one?

  7. Appendix: Some mathematical background about Yangians

    1. Yang-Baxter equation (YBE)

    2. Yangian