1. Introduction

    1. Questions about SCS in TGD framework

    2. Questions about N=2 SCS

  2. Some CFT backround

    1. Modular invariant partition functions

    2. Degenerate conformal representations and minimal models

    3. Minimal N=2 CFTs

  3. Could N=2 SCA be relevant for TGD?

    1. How does the ADE picture about SCFTs and criticality emerge in TGD?

    2. Degrees of freedom and dynamics

    3. Covariantly constant right-handed neutrinos as generators of super-conformal symmetries

    4. Is N=2 SCS possible?

    5. How to circumvent the signature objection against N=2 SCFT?

    6. The necessity of Kac-Moody algebra of SU(2)× U(1)

    7. h=K/2 condition for Ramond representations

    8. h=K/2 condition for N-S type representations