1. Introduction

    1. Summary of Berry phase model

    2. BPM, TGD based model, and the anomalies

  2. TGD based model of superconductivity

    1. Brief summary of TGD based model

    2. TGD  counterparts of the collective phase, novel magnetic field, and Berry's phase

    3. Coherent states and the problem with fermion number conservation

    4. The general form of the effective Hamiltonian

    5. A more precise formulation of TGD based theory by starting from BCS theory

  3. Summary and conclusions

    1. Comparison of BPM and TGD inspired model of SC

    2. Speculations and questions

  4. Appendix: General considerations related to the preferred extremals

    1. Beltrami ansatz and minimal surface ansatz for the preferred extremals of K\ähler action

    2. The dimension of CP2 projection as classifier for the fundamental phases of matter