1. Introduction

    1. Basic facts about Shnoll effect

    2. Quantum group inspired model for Shnoll effect

    3. Adelic model for Shnoll effect

  2. Adelic view about Shnoll effect

    1. General form for the deformation of P(nλ)

    2. Deformation of Poisson distribution as an example

  3. Explanation for some findings of Shnoll

    1. The temporal and spatial dependence of the distributions

    2. TGD based model for the Shnoll effect in alpha decay

    3. What can one say about values about the period of P(n)?

    4. Conclusions

  4. Appendix: p-Adic primes as ramified primes, quantum p-adics, and quantum primes

    1. p-Adic primes as reamified primes?

    2. p-Adic topology and canonical identification

    3. Quantum integers