1. Introduction

  2. Some notions of condensed matter physics from the TGD point of view

    1. The notion of Brillouin zone from the TGD viewpoint

    2. Topological condensed matter physics and TGD

    3. The new view about classical fields

    4. About quantum criticality in TGD

    5. What infinite-volume limit could mean in TGD?

    6. The notions of geometric phase, Berry curvature, and fidelity in TGD?

    7. Quantum hydrodynamics in TGD context

    8. Length scale hierarchies

    9. A general model of macroscopic quantum phases

  3. Some concrete questions and problems

    1. Could one assign quantum hydrodynamics to photonic quasi-crystalline structures?

    2. Skyrmions in TGD framework

    3. Dark matter and condensed matter physics

    4. Spin ice and quantum spin ice from TGDview point

    5. Condensed matter Majorana fermions in the TGD framework

    6. Condensate of electron quadruplets as a new phase of condensed matter

    7. Does the phenomenon of super oscillation challenge energy conservation?

    8. Possible connections with quantum biology

  4. Testing of the vision

    1. Observation of dark matter

    2. Topological physics at space-time and imbedding space levels

    3. The new view about gauge fields

    4. Number theoretical physics

    5. ZEO and  new view about quantum measurement theory and thermodynamics

  5. Appendix

    1. Comparison of TGD with other theories

    2. Brief glossary of the basic concepts of TGD

    3. Figures