1. Introduction

      1. New view about particles

      2. New view about family replication phenomenon

      3. New view about space-time supersymmetry

      4. New view about color quantum numbers

      5. Fractal hierarchy of copies of weak and hadronic physics

    2. Scaled variants of quarks and leptons

      1. Are scaled up variants of quarks there?

      2. Could neutrinos appear in several p-adic mass scales?

    3. Family replication phenomenon and super-symmetry

      1. Family replication phenomenon for bosons

      2. Masses of super partners and first rumors about supersymmetric partners from LHC

    4. New hadron physics

      1. Leptohadron physics

      2. Evidence for TGD view about quark gluon plasma

      3. New view about space-time and particles and Lamb shift anomaly of muonium

      4. Dark nucleons and genetic code

    5. Cosmic rays and Mersenne primes

      1. Mersenne primes and mass scales

      2. Cosmic strings and cosmic rays

      3. Centauro type events, Cygnus X-3 and M89 hadrons

      4. TGD based explanation of the exotic events

      5. Cosmic ray spectrum and exotic hadrons

      6. Ultrahigh energy cosmic rays as super-symplectic quanta?