1. Introduction

  2. Some aspects of quantum TGD

    1. New space-time concept

    2. Zero energy ontology

    3. The hierarchy of Planck constants

    4. p-Adic physics and number theoretic universality

  3. Symmetries of quantum TGD

    1. General Coordinate Invariance

    2. Generalized conformal symmetries

    3. Equivalence Principle and super-conformal symmetries

    4. Extension to super-conformal symmetries

    5. Space-time supersymmetry in TGD Universe

    6. Twistorial approach, Yangian symmetry, and generalized Feynman diagrams

  4. Weak form electric-magnetic duality

    1. Could a weak form of electric-magnetic duality hold true?

    2. Magnetic confinement, the short range of weak forces, and color confinement

  5. Quantum TGD very briefly

    1. Physics as infinite-dimensional geometry

    2. Physics as generalized number theory

    3. Questions

    4. Three Dirac operators and their interpretation

  6. The role of twistors in quantum TGD

    1. Could the Grassmannian program be realized in TGD framework?

    2. Could TGD alllow formulation in terms of twistors

  7. Finiteness of generalized Feynman diagrams zero energy ontology

    1. Virtual particles as pairs of on mass shell particles in ZEO

    2. Loop integrals are manifestly finite

    3. Taking into account magnetic confinement