1. Introduction

  2. Basic vision

    1. Very concise summary about basic notions and ideas of TGD

    2. Tensor networks as categories

    3. Yangian as a generalization of symmetries to multilocal symmetries

  3. Some mathematical background about Yangians

    1. Yang-Baxter equation (YBE)

    2. Yangian

    3. Super-Yangian

  4. Yangianization in TGD framework

    1. Geometrization of super algebras in TGD framework

    2. Questions

    3. Yangianization of four-momentum

    4. An attempt to understand binding energy at the level of Yangian

  5. Category theory as a basic tool of TGD

    1. Fusion categories

    2. Braided categories

    3. Categories with reconnections

  6. Trying to imagine the great vision

    1. Different kind of categories

    2. Geometric categories