1. Introduction

    1. How p-adic primes are determined?

    2. Trying to understand p-adic CCE

    3. How p-adic prime is defined at the level of WCW geometry?

    4. What about the evolution of the gravitational fine structure constant?

    5. What is the minimal value of $h_{eff

  2. Number theoretical universality of vacuum functional and p-adic CCE

    1. The recent view about zero energy ontology

    2. Number theoretical constraints on $exp(\Delta K)$

  3. Hierarchy of Planck constants, Nottale's hypothesis, and TGD

    1. Nottale's hypothesis

    2. Trying to understand $\hbar _{eff

    3. $h/h_0$ as the ratio of Planck mass and $CP_2$ mass?

    4. Connection with adelic physics and infinite primes

  4. How to understand coupling constant evolution?

    1. Evolution of K\"ahler coupling strength

    2. The evolution of the gravitational fine structure constant

  5. Appendix: Imbedding of spherically symmetric stationary symmetric metric as a guideline