1. Introduction

    1. On intelligence

    2. Consciousness: the science of subjectivity

  2. The vision of Hawkins

    1. The philosophical attitudes of Hawkins

    2. Basic observations of Hawkins

    3. Invariant representations

    4. Observations about the structure and functioning of the neocortex

    5. Universal algorithm

    6. The basic objection against the vision of Hawkins

  3. Quantum TGD very briefly

    1. Many-sheeted space-time, imbedding space, WCW

    2. Zero energy ontology (ZEO)

    3. p-Adic physics and cognition and intentionality

    4. Length scale hierarchies and cognitive hierarchies

  4. Quantum jump as the counterpart of fundamental algorithm in TGD?

    1. Basic ideas of TGD inspired theory of consciousness

    2. The anatomy of quantum jump in zero energy ontology (ZEO)

    3. How memories are represented and recalled?

    4. The roles of sensory perception and motor action in TGD framework

    5. Self or only a model of self?

    6. Could interaction free measurement be used to deduce information about self model?

    7. Could quantum jump represent the basic aspects of abstraction process automatically?

    8. Quantum jump as the counterpart of fundamental algorithm?

    9. Could quantum computationalism make sense?

  5. Philosophical and conceptual foundations of consciousness science

    1. Philosophical foundations

    2. Conceptual foundations

  6. Philosophical and empirical theories of consciousness

    1. Some philosophical theories of consciousness

    2. Some empirical theories of consciousness

    3. Major issues of disagreement between theories

    4. Common beliefs consciousness theories from TGD point of view

  7. Disorders of consciousness

    1. Neuropsychological deficits of visual consciousness

    2. Neuropsychological dissociations of visual consciousness from behavior

    3. Neurophychological disorders of self-awareness

  8. Altered states of consciousness

    1. Dreaming and sleep as ASC

    2. Hypnosis

    3. Higher states of consciousness