1. Introduction

    1. Strange phenomena associated with crop formations

    2. Model for the generation of crop circles

  2. Some aspects of TGD based vision about living systems

    1. Magnetic bodies and magnetosphere as a living system

    2. Basic vision about living matter

    3. The new view about genetic code

    4. Dark matter hierarchy and big leaps in evolution

    5. Plasmoids as primitive life forms associated with magnetic bodies

    6. Field representations of information using codes

  3. Dark matter hierarchy, genetic machinery, and the un-reasonable selectivity of bio-catalysis

    1. Dark atoms and dark cyclotron states

    2. Spontaneous decay and completion of dark fractional -atoms as basic mechanisms of bio-chemistry

    3. The new view about hydrogen bond and water

  4. Model for crop circles

    1. Why crop circles cannot be hoax?

    2. Further facts about crop formations

    3. Existing models for crop formations

    4. TGD based interpretation of crop circles