1. Introduction

    1. Do Chilbolton and Crabwood messages provide information about aliens?

    2. Where do the higher life forms live?

  2. Chilbolton and Crabwood messages

    1. Chilbolton message

    2. Crabwood crop formation as a representation of DNA-amino-acid codes?

    3. ASCII code interpretation of the Crabwood message

  3. What can one conclude about aliens?

    1. Intra- or futuro-terrestrials?

    2. Two guesses for the temporal distance of futuro-terrestrials

    3. Conditions on high-T life

    4. What IT life could look like?

    5. Where did those 223 genes pop up?

    6. Do Ts and ITs live in symbiosis?

    7. Some questions

  4. Number theoretical models for genetic codes

    1. Three kinds of number theoretical models for the genetic code

    2. Does amino-acid structure reflect the product structure of the code?

    3. Number theoretical model for the terrestrial genetic code

    4. Capital letter code as a product code with broken T-C symmetry

    5. T-C symmetric models for small letter plus special symbol code

    6. Imbedding of the amino-acid space into DNA space and the universal part of the genetic code

    7. Summary