1. Introduction

    1. Evidence for long range weak forces and new nuclear physics

    2. Dark rules

    3. Weak form of electric magnetic duality, screening of weak charges, and color confinement?

    4. Dark weak forces and almost vacuum extremals

  2. Weak form electric-magnetic duality and color and weak forces

    1. Could a weak form of electric-magnetic duality hold true?

    2. Magnetic confinement, the short range of weak forces, and color confinement

  3. Dark matter hierarchy, genetic machinery, and the un-reasonable selectivity of bio-catalysis

    1. Dark atoms and dark cyclotron states

    2. Spontaneous decay and completion of dark fractional atoms as a basic mechanisms of bio-chemistry?

    3. The new view about hydrogen bond and water

  4. TGD based model for qualia and sensory receptors

    1. A general model of qualia and sensory receptor

    2. Detailed model for the qualia

    3. Overall view about qualia

    4. About detailed identification of the qualia

  5. Could cell membrane correspond to almost vacuum extremal?

    1. Cell membrane as almost vacuum extremal

    2. Are photoreceptors nearly vacuum extremals?

  6. Pollack's findings about fourth phase of water and the model of cell

    1. Pollack's findings

    2. Dark nuclei and Pollack's findings

    3. Fourth phase of water and pre-biotic life in TGD Universe

  7. Could photosensitive emulsions make dark matter visible?

    1. The findings

    2. The importance of belief system

    3. Why not tachyonic monopoles?

    4. Interpretation as dark matter structures becoming visible in presence of living matter