1. Introduction

    1. Could we learn something from EU and the work of SAFIRE team

    2. TGD view about classical fields

    3. Cosmic strings thickening to flux tubes as basic element of TGD based cosmology and astrophysics

    4. The notion of length scale dependent cosmological constant

    5. TGD view about craters of Moon and findings of SAFIRE team

  2. What created the craters of Moon and other celestial bodies?

    1. Standard view about the formation of craters

    2. Anomalies of the standard model

    3. Electric discharge model

    4. TGD based model

    5. Strange glass spheres in the Moon

    6. Why do meteors always land in craters?

  3. The findings of SAFIRE team as support for dark nucleosynthesis

    1. What SAFIRE team is studying?

    2. What SAFIRE team observed?

    3. TGD based model for the findings

    4. How stars and planets could have formed?