1. Introduction

    1. Freezing inside porous structures

    2. The surface of water contains an ice-like layer

    3. Immersed freezing and contact freezing

    4. TGD based model for freezing

  2. TGD based model for freezing

    1. Can one assign a surface tension to the boundary between solid and liquid phase?

    2. Why the freezing temperature reduced with the decreasing pore size?

    3. A more precise thermodynamical formulation using Gibbs free energy

  3. A geometrical model for the ice-liquid system

    1. Derivation of the variational equations

    2. Various solution types

  4. What about phase transitions as dynamical phenomena describable using TGD proper?

    1. The first guess does not quite work

    2. Could the phase transition have a space-time description at the level of basic TGD?

    3. Light-like 3-surfaces from det(g4)=0 condition

    4. Can one allow macroscopic Euclidean space-time regions

    5. Conformal confinement at the level of H

    6. But are the normal components of isometry currents finite?

    7. det(g4)=0  condition  as a realization of quantum criticality