1. Introduction

  2. Background

    1. About experimental work of Hans Geesink

    2. Some theoretical ideas

  3. Basic TGD based vision about quantum biology

    1. How external fields could induce coherence?

    2. Coherence regions and EZs

    3. Quantum criticality bio-chemically

    4. The origin of UV energy needed to generate coherence regions?

  4. Some phenomena discussed by Geesink from TGD view point

    1. What phyllosilicates are?

    2. Some effects

    3. Plasma waves and acoustic oscillations

    4. The transformation of dark photons to phonons and plasma oscillations

    5. Why do phyllosilicates have positive health effects?

  5. Basic TGD based vision about prebiotic evolution

    1. Basic challenges

    2. Are the abundances of biologically important ions consistent with their abundances in Earth's mantle?

    3. The energetics of coherence regions

    4. The role of phyllosilicates

    5. About the origin of phosphate

    6. About the origin of cell membrane and cell

    7. About the evolution of immune system

    8. Viruses as fragments of topological quantum computer code?

  6. About evolution before Cambrian explosion

    1. What happened before Cambrian explosion?

    2. How the cellular life could have evolved before CE?

  7. About possible practical implications

    1. About predictions and implications

    2. But what if silicate based life takes the lead?